Antonio Cervantes vs. Oscar De La Hoya who wins?

Jr. Welterweights 15 rounds


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Wow what a matchup Brent F! Antonio Cervantes was quite a fighter and at one time there was talk of a fight with Roberto Duran that never happened as he fought Sugar Ray Leonard instead. In 72 Cervantes beat Alfredo Peppermint Frazer and made 9 defenses of his title beating former champ Nicolino Loche and future champ Esteban De Jesus. De La Hoya like Cervantes never ducked anyone beating such good fighters as Jesse James Leija. Pernell Whitaker, and Hector Camacho among others. I believe this would be a very exciting match between two very gifted and determined fighters. Close call here but I believe that Cervantes wins a very close decision.

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cervantes...whos cervantes??

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De la Hoya in his prime.

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I really had my doubts about De La Hoya... especially going into the Ricardo Mayorga fight.

Oscar's a lot better than I ever gave him credit for being... so I'm going to take my first step in the direction of appreciating his talent and his heart, and say I think he'd win this fight.

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Brent ~
As you know I'm partial to the fighters of days gone by, particularly the 80's, in my opinion one of the best for boxing on all levels. Antonio "Kid Pambele" Cervantes, a natural Jr. Welterweight was tough, he was heavy handed and could take a pretty good punch, his record was 66 - 12 - 1 with 37 kayos. He lost to Benitez and Pryor to name a couple. He was always in great shape and never let a moment of the fight go by without action.
Who did Oscar beat at Jr. Welter? An old Julio Cesar Chavez. A beat up Miguel Angel Gonzales and a clown in Paez. These guys were shot when the "Golden Boy" fought against them. Do you honestly think that Oscar could beat Julio in his prime? Nope, I don't think so. Let's go in a different direction here. Do you think that Oscar would beat Dejesus in his prime? Not even close.
These guys in the early 80's were use to going 15 hard rounds, toe to toe, dancing for 15 rounds. Did you see what happened to Oscar when he tried dancing for six of the twelve against Trinidad, his legs were cramping up in the corner imagine him trying to do that for 15 rounds with a guy who was trying to rip his head off and not just following him around the ring.
Cervantes, 8th ound TKO. Thanks Brent,

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Oscar De La Hoya easily in 7 rounds.

Where did you watch?

Cervantes - W 91 (KO's 44) TF 106 - W pct 86% - KO pct 42% - wins over Mamby, Locche, L. Blackmore and Mercado - KO'ed by Pryor and C. Mercano (unheard of)

De La Hoya - W 38 (KO's 29) TF 42 - W pct 90% - KO pct 69% - wins over Chavez{2}, Whitaker, Chamaco, Vargas, Gatti and I. Quartey - KO'ed by B. Hopkins - #75 ranked fighter
Titles at 130, 135, 140, 147 and 154
Won Olympic Gold medal in 1992 at Light wt.

Cervantes had almost 3 times the amount of fights that De La Hoya had. Can Oscar's speed/ring generalship and championship experience overcome Cervantes? Oscar in a lop-sided 15 rd decision.

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Oscar in 8 or 9.

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