"Dream Bout" - Gerry Cooney vs wlad klitschko - 15 rds Who wins?


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Cooney by a come from behind ko in round 8. Klitschko would probably outbox Cooney for a while because he is the more skillful of the two, but the last thing you need against a powerful left hook like Cooney had is a weak chin, and that's exactly what Klitschko has, and Cooney would catch him with a big hook and end the fight.

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This would be a good fight up until Cooneys people st oped the fight the first time Cooney got in trouble like they did in the Larry Holmes fight there is no dought in my mind that Gerry CoonEY would have been world champion if not for his trainers they waited to long to let him fight the better fighters of his time they protected him to long Cooney had one of the best left hooks in the game and he could box and he was a nice guy in a nasty game Klitschko by Tech KO

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Klitschko by UD. He would outbox Cooney.

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klitschko would win. gerry cooney wasn't anything special, his fight with larry holmes proved he was a step below championship level.

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Interesting fight as Cooney had that big left hook and actually was a pretty good boxer giving Larry Holmes a pretty tough fight. He didn't have the greatest chin but neither does Klitschko. I think that Cooney catches him with a tremendous left hook in round 9 and wins by TKO.

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Klitschko has better skills, albeit too mechanical to be completely dominant against the best. Cooney's self-confidence flagged the longer Dennis Rappaport, his weasly faced manager who was fairly clueless when it came to boxing, protected him. That said, a confident young Cooney would obliterate Klitscko. Even an older Cooney, recovered from the Spinks debacle, had a puncher's chance. A few lefts sends Wlad bye-bye. But it's never clear which Cooney shows up. Smart money is spent on Klitschko, Mr. Predictable.

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If Klitschko like Holmes get out of the first 5 rounds he would win by late tko or 15 round decision Cooney must win early due to lack of stamina

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