A battle of the unskilled giants. Primo Carnera vs. Nikolai Valuev who wins?

15 rounds, heavyweights



Ouch! What an ugly matchup! Probably would go with Valuev in a horrible fight. He seems to have a tad more skill than Carnera had. And i use the term "skill" loosely when talking about these two.

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Hey Brent! This would have been a pretty good matchup. Primo actually had a pretty decent jab and stayed in excellent physical condition. He was able to beat Jack Sharkey and Tommy Loughran although he took some bad beatings at the hands of Max Baer and Joe Louis. Valuev is a huge fighter but has hardly any skill as far as I can see. I believe that Carnera would outbox the big guy and win a unanimous decision. Tells you something about today's heavyweight division doesn't it?

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Valuev. Carnera was the product of mob fixes and apparently was a reasonably likable man who got a push because of his size.

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draw. Elimination bout to fight Oliver McCall. McCall has to sit through bout and starts crying realizing it is a draw and knows he will have to watch these guys fight again.

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Valuev, I have never seen Carnera but I saw Valuev rip apart Barrett.

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VALUEV - W 46 (KO's 34) TF 47 - W pct 100% - KO pct 72% - wins over Donald, Ruiz, Barret, Etienne and McCline (all average fighters and nobodies) - KO'ed by none

CARNERA - W 89 (KO's 71) TF 104 - W pct 86% - KO pct 68% - wins over Levinsky[2], Sharkey and Loughran - KO'ed by Louis, Baer and 3 average fighters
Author, Myler Patrick (Ring of Hate) claims that Primo's fights weren't fixed.
The movie, "The Harder They Fall" was a fictionalized account of his career.

Carnera fought a better quality of opposition. Also he was KO'ed by better fighters than Valuev will ever face. This is a bumbling, fumbling bout. Primo stumbles his way to 15 rd unanimous decision.

P. S. Valuev is proof that sometimes records/stats can lie.

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valuev of coarse. you could knock out primo with a spitball!

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