"Dream Bout" - Samuel Peter vs nickolay valuev 15 rds - Who wins?


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Peter in an upset in a boring bout.

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Valuev by decision

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Peter has not proven anything yet. He beat a old and washed up James Toney. Then again Valuev hasnt proven anything either. Are you sure this is a dream match? I say Peter wins by decsion. I dont think valuev can knock peter out. Also valuev is kind of clumsy and peter should be able to land shots, especially in the later rounds when the big guy cant hold his hands up 7 feet in the air to protect himself anymore.

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I'd call it the "Snore Bout", curious as to why you placed two current ranked fighters in a 15rd. bout? Neither has, or ever will get to go that distance so how can a logical conclusion be drawn? Simple, the conclusion won't be based on logic. Regardless, Peter's lack luster showing against Wladimir outweighs his gutsy performance against Toney. The height of Valuev is just too much for Peter to adjust to, he gets tagged by sloppy, jabs and far from accurate combinations from the giant. Vaulev has clear skies all the way to passing Marciano's Record, It's gonna be a very sad day.

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Very boring and I wouldn't exactly call these dream bouts but maybe snooze bouts. Valuev in a close decision.

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sam peter

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Sam Peter, Peter is only getting better and he hits hard. If he continues to build upon the footwork he used against Toney he can stay away from Valuev who is slow and clumsy. Peter would work the body real hard and somewhere toward the later rounds Peter would start to get to that head and will knock him out. Valuev has been fighting chumps since he won the title, and he barely outpointed John Ruiz to do that.(that is soooo unimpressive)

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The only "dream" about this matchup would be the dream you're having while sleeping through it.

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Nickolay Valuev. His size is extraordinary!

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