Allan Green vs. Edison Miranda, who wins?

This has the makings of an all out war. Who wins this March 3rd match up and why?


What more can the "slavic brotherhood" prove?

Such a good fight... going to be a classic and I can't wait to watch. I think Miranda wins by decision. They are both powerful and smart, but I feel Miranda has better defense. Miranda should be undefeated but he was robbed against Arthur Abraham. Miranda will then beat Pavlik to get a shot a Taylor.

Who would win in a fight?

Miranda by decision

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allan green is gonna have the advantage of being the bigger man since hes already at supermiddle weight and has fought as high as light- heavyweight and can probably box a little bit better than miranda. thats where the advantages end for him. miranda has more power, has a better defense and has a better chin. both fighters have been rocked but miranda was rocked by two big punchers in eastman and abraham but he defended himself well and came back and fought well. green went down from a very light punching journeyman in mcreary and was lucky to even survive the round. he recovered and won by knockout but even then he exposed his weak chin and was later rocked a couple of fights later by yet again a light puncher. green might be able to stay away for a couple of rounds but miranda is gonna catch with a big right hand eventually and green is goin to sleep. miranda by ko.

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Edison Miranda, by stoppage in the late rounds I'm predicting.

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I saw green vs Mcreary and he got hit with a light right hand and was on Queer Street. If he moves he might be able to get a decision but my prediction is a Miranda search and destroy victory inside of 5 rounds.

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