"Dream Bout" - Tommy Morrison vs v. klitschko - 15 rds Who wins?


Carlos Monzon vs. Paul Pender who wins?

Morrison throws hard shots throughout the fight and guts out a split decision win.

Who in your opinion, are the top 5 defensive fighters of all time?

I have no idea

What happened to Sergio Mora??

the chinless morisson loses in first round knockout.

Whats the web site with real streeet fights ?

both have weak chins, but of the two, morrison has the weakest. usually whenever a big punch landed on morrison he would get rocked, whereas i think klitschko's chin problem is a mental thing. i'm gonna go with klitschko by ko because he possess better boxing skills and is a accurate puncher whereas morrison would wing shots which usually left him open for counters.

Many of you who read wikipedia, have probably read this... but what is your take on this?

Are you kidding, Klitschko in the 1st 5 rds

Is Morales putting himself in danger tonight ?

Morrison had the bigger punch of the two and both have somewhat weak chins. Morrison did defeat bif George Foreman who although the older version still dangerous and boxed very well in this fight. I believe that Morrison would do the same and win the decision over Klitschko.

Who would win between Pinklon Thomas and Big John Tate in a 15 rounder?

Klitschko in 4- tko

Why do other boxers get more attention or recognition than others?

Morrison would AIDS him into a KO

Punching Harder?

klitschko of course will beat this bum, any time . Lennox Louis
lost with kllischko, and Lennox Louis KO Morrison before the fith
round. Why did you asked this question?...I can tell you know much about boxing..

Which boxer has the best jab of all time?

I think that if Morrison can get in Klitschko's face and be affective. Morrison will win.

Are there any fighters Cruiserweight or under who can move up to Heavyweight and possibly win a title?

Klitscho wins bt KO. Did you see tommy get KOed by ray mercer? Klischo hits harder and has a longer reach. Tommy would never get inside on him. Just like he couldnt against lennox lewis.

I am a boxer i am 14 and over 6ft tall which would be a good stlye to use during sparring and competions?

Vitilia or Wladimir? I see Wladimir being able to take out Morrison in 10. Wladimir is a hard hitter, and Morrison had no chin. Vitili i see going to decision, most likely winning, or maybe getting caught with a good shot and being KO'd. Im not sure thats a good matchup but i know Wladimir would beat Morrison.

Is mike tyson gentle?

It's a double knockout, they both land feather like jabs to the chin simultaneously and fall into each others arms and weep.

When is ricky hattons next fight, i think its in january but im not sure?


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