Alexis Arguello vs. Benny Leonard who wins?

Lightweights 15 rounds.


Hey! pacquiao(boxing) fans out there, does anyone knows any sites, pay per view, access to his fight tomorrow?

I have to pick Arguello, Boxing Technique has improve a lot since Benny Leonards ERA.

I say Arguello has better technique and skills that will Frustrate Leonard,

I say Arguello UD15

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Benny Leonard in 15 round unanimous easy decision over Arguello. Leonard had 69ko's and won 157 out of 213 bouts. Arguello was 80 and 8.Leonard was the greatest lightweight of all time

Anyone know which internet station is showing live ricky hatton fight?

The "Explosive thin man" vs the legendary Benny Leonard. This would be a tremendous fight between two all time greats! I believe that Leonard was one of the greatest boxers of all time and a great ring technician. Arguello would land some good punches but the clever Leonard would stay mostly out of range of the big punches and win the decision over Arguello.

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B. Leonard - W 183 (KO's 70) TF 217 - W pct 84% - KO pct 32% - #8 ranked fighter - he was KO'ed in his first and his last fight
I did not recognize any of his opponents names.
How many black fighters did he fight?

Arguello - W 82 (KO's 65) TF 90 - W pct 91% - KO pct 72% - wins over Castillo, Boza-Edwards, Olivares, Escalera{2}, Manicini, Watt and Chacon - KO'ed by Pryor[2] - #20 ranked puncher - #20 ranked fighter

B. Leonard had twice the amount of fights that Arguello had. That is why I listed all the good fighters that Arguello beat. I will give old Benny some respect. In this fight, Arguello wins by a majority decision.

P.S. Maybe tough guy, santa d and da prophet can share some info on Benny's career.

What the F***?

Brent ~
I wish there was a way to block out idiots from this forum. This wouldn't be that great of a match up in my opinion. Benjamin Leiner aka Benny Leonard fought in a completely different time in boxing, although he did move around the ring a lot and certain reporters covering the boxing scene back then called him "A Fighting Ballerina" I think because of the quality of opposition back then he was not really up to the same standards as Alexis.
Mr. Leonard did have some impressive ring momments, his 69 knockouts in 91 fights is pretty damn good and he never lost a fight in 20 years (1912 to 1932) but who did he fight against?
Arguello fought all the big names of his era Watt, Pryor, Mancini and Boza Edwards. The two knockout losses to Pryor were the most damaging of his career. Alexis had a lot of power for being such a thin man and his all around ring gerneralship is something that even a fight fan who's only function is giving percentages and screaming about racism could appreciate. Alexis was as gracious in defeat as well as Victory.
I would pick Arguello in a seventh round stoppage. Thanks Brent for the question.. I would say there's 100% chance the idiot will answer another one of your questions. There's a 95% chance that he'll throw race into the answer even though it has nothing to do with the question. There's 100% chance that people in this forum just want him to go away.

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Benny Leonard.

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