Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Sandy Saddler who wins?

Jr. Lightweights 15 rounds


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Afterwards, Chavez becomes the whiner and excusemaker he has proved to be.
And if Chavez wins a rematch, he also shows Saddler the same disrespect that he showed Frankie Randall, and doesn't mail him the belt back.

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its gona be a good fight, but if Chavez jr, comes overconfident as he did back when he had a tie, then he could be in trouble. Saddler in the other hand has to watch out for that killer hook. i think Chavez will take this one.

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Sandy Saddler was on of the greatest fighters of all time featherweight and jr lightweight champ 103 ko's and a lifetime record of 144-16-3, a winner against Chavez by a ko in the late rounds, Saddler is a boxing Hall of Famer

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I like this matchup Brent F. I believe that Saddler may even be a better puncher than Chavez and was good enough to beat the legendary Willie Pep several times in his career. This would be a real slugfest with both fighters going toe to toe with some great exchanges. Although Chavez would hold his own, I believe that Saddler stops him in the 14th round.

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Chavez - W 108 (KO's 86) TF 116 - W pct 97% - KO pct 74% - wins over Lockridge, M. Taylor{2}, Rosario, R. Maywether, Camacho, Limon and Ramirez - KO'ed by Kostya Tyzyu and De La Hoya{2} - #50 ranked puncher - #18 ranked fighter
Titles at 130, 135 and 140.
He won 92 bouts in a row (Now, maybe he is the greatest of all-tiiiime!!).

Saddler - W 145 (KO's 100) TF 163 - W pct 90% - KO pct 61% - wins over J. Brown, Pep, Escobar, DeMarco and F. Eldore - KO'ed by Jock Leslie in only his second fight - #5 ranked puncher - #15 ranked fighter
He thoroughly dominated Willie Pep in 3 of 4 fights.

Both of these boxers were known to be dirty fighters, Saddler easily being the worse (please note the diff between illegal tactics and dirty). I always love a twist, In the 1st rd both men need a rest from low blows received from his opponent. By the 10th rd things are so bad that Larry Hazzard along with Mills Lane disqualifies both fighters. Later they are both fined and suspended and Don King (their promoter) files a lawsuit.

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Saddler with a KO in the 12 th.

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I'd have to say Saddler by 15 round decision. I think he would just out work Julio in a very tough fight.

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