Aaron Pryor vs Roberto Duran! Who wins?

What a fight this would've been! Who gives in first? Who takes a backward step? This would have been an all time classic!


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aaron pryor, hes straight up bad to the bone, no quit in him

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easy win for the hawk pryor. no mas gets shut out for 15 rounds

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This *would* have been an all-time classic..of course the "x factor" would be whether or not Panama Lewis was mixing his special "energy cocktails" in Pryor's corner.

Based on what Pryor did against a more technically polished, but physically similar, fighter in Alexis Arguello my initial lean is to Pryor. Of course "El Manos de Peidra" of Duran were a formidable weapon--he'd probably matchup better against Pryor than Arguello in the inevitable slugfest that would occur.

Honestly, I have a hard time making a definitive call on this fight. Pryor certainly had the power to compete with Duran, but with the exception of the aforementioned Arguello he fought a very uninspired level of competition. Duran had the better class of opponents including all time greats like Leonard, Hearns and Hagler and first rate pros like Carlos Palomino and Vinny Pazienza. He did lose to most of the top notch competition he faced, though its also worth noting that with the exception of his loss to Tommy Hearns most were decisions where he was outboxed by slicker fighters. Duran showed a few moments of questionable heart--his famous "no mas" loss to Leonard, a subsequent fight to Pat Lawlor where he pulled another "no mas" (though didn't verbalize it) claiming an injured shoulder.

Pryor wasn't a particularly slick boxer, so with him looking to win through power and aggressiveness we have to consider where Pryor ranks on the "all time" list and look at the other fighters to stop Duran--as opposed to Duran quitting--during his prime. The list of guys who beat Duran prior to an ill-advised late 1990's comeback is a very short list--Tommy Hearns. I'd rank Pryor *well* below Hearns in a historical context, meaning that there's no guarantee that he could overwhelm the rugged Panamanian like he did so many of his foes.

Assuming his heart was in it (which I guess is sort of implicit in the assumption that both fighters are in their prime) I'd have to made it advantage Duran based on his ability to excel in a slugfest, his impressive chin, and high level of opposition. Pryor retired with only one loss on his record--a late career TKO to Bobby Joe Young--but with Arguello being arguably the *only* top notch opponent on his resume his string of KO/TKO victories looks less impressive. Since Pryor never tested himself against a wide range of top fighters, he's a question mark in a lot of respects in terms of how he'd fare in a slugfest with another world class slugger.

Bottom line--Pryor would be competive but I'd give Duran the edge based on the factors cited above. If they fought 10 times, Duran wins 7.with the caveat that we don't know exactly how Pryor would respond to this step up in class. Best case scenario, its a coin flip. Worst case, Duran's experience against top notch foes carries the day. Still, I'm comfortable with the call for Duran to win 7 of 10 at least...

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If they fight at 140, Pryor wins.

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This would be probably the most thrilling non stop fight of all time between two of the greatest fighters to ever step in the ring. The Hawk threw punches from any angle and was a very strong puncher. Duran was a crafty hard punching fighter with a great counter right hand. I do not see either of them taking too many backward steps with thousands of punches thrown. I have to call this classic a draw.

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if I can have Duran at 130 lbs in his prime I'll take him against ANYBODY else at 130lbs.

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Assuming this fight takes place at 140 (although Duran never fought at that weight going straight from 135 to 147) it would have been a great fight. Pryor was one of the most entertaining fighters I ever saw and his first fight with Alexis Arguello was one of the all time greats. However I would pick Duran. One thing I don't think people ever fully appreciated about Duran is what a clever boxer he was. He wasn't a stationary target, and of course when he did get hit he had one of the hardest chins in the sport (I think only Hagler had more iron in the jaw and he did weather shots from Hearns that flattened Duran). Pryor has his moments but in the end Duran by 13th rd TKO.

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This is the hardest of these questions I've seen yet. In his prime, Pryor was one who would not be denied, but Duran of course was brutally tough and determined. I'll say Duran in the first fight on a 14th round KO, Pryor in the rematch on a 12th round TKO, and Pryor by a split decision on the bumper fight.

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Great question. Since Arguello was the only top class fighter that Pryor fought and Duran on the other hand fought many excellent fighters, I have to give the edge to Duran. Duran winning 7 or 8 out 10 fights.

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Roberto Duran defeats Pryor with tremendous punches in a slugfest.

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I would rather see Marvin Hagler or Sugar Ray Leonard knock this guy out!

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Now to the fight:

Pryor - W 39 (KO's 35) TF 40 - W pct 98% - KO's 88% - wins over A. Cervantes and Arguello{2} - KO'ed by B. Young
(unknown) - #35 ranked fighter
Drugs probably did cost him greatness as a fighter

Duran - W 103 (KO's 70) TF 119 - W pct 87% - KO pct 58% - wins over Leonard, Buchanan, Cuevas, D. Moore and Palimino - KO'ed by Duran (Duran quit in the ring), Hearns and W. Joppy - #28 ranked puncher - # 5 ranked fighter
Won titles at 135, 147, 154 and 160.

Duran was a better all-around fighter and had more boxing experience/championship experience and Duran fought better fighters than Pryor. In this fight, Duran wins by a 15 rd unanimous decision.

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Pancho nice matchup! Why in the hell didn't I think of that one? That pisses me off! (I'm kidding). Duran never fought at Jr. Welterweight but I don't think he would have had a problem making weight. The obvious is that we know how great a fighter Duran was at Lightweight, but drug use by Pryor robbed him of his prime years. Toughguy asked this question previously. My Toughguy answer condensed is that Duran gets off the canvas to rally and take a RAZOR thin split decision. Fight fans scream for a rematch!

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