I want to have a powerfull punch ... can you help?

i hold 10 pounds in each hand and i punch as hard and as fast as i can for 2 min. take a break and do it again i do it 3 or 4 time every other day but i still would like to be faster and more powerfull . can you help?


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First off it is important that you don't break your wrists. Maintain your fist and arm in a straight line. You should be able to put a ruler along the front two knuckles of your index and middle finger and your arm. There should be a relatively straight line.

As far as making the fist goes, when you make the fist. Grab the fleshy part of your palm with your fingers, like your grabbing a role of quarters. Your thumb should be bent over your fingers, not sticking out. It should be underneath your hand if your palm is facing down.

Force = Speed X Mass. What that means is you want to throw a fast punch. How you do this isn't throwing punches with weights quickly. If nothing else, you can hurt your joints doing that it puts unnecessary stress on your cartilage. Trust me, you will notice later on in life if you keep it up.

When you throw your punch don't be tense, keep your arm loose until the moment right before impact. Concentrate the force of your punch on your front two knuckles. This will multiply the energy into a smaller area causing more damage.

It's like when you use a hammer vs. a brick. When the force is concentrated into a point it causes more damage. Always punch
through the object that you are hitting. Normally about 4 inches is enough.

This part is going to be a little difficult to explain. Punching isn't just about using your arm muscles. As you punch with your right hand, put your hips and leg muscles into it by lifting your right heal off the floor slightly and going onto the ball of your right foot.
Vice a versa if you are using your left punch.

Your left foot should be forward and you should maintain a well balanced fighting stance. Your feet shouldn't be two wide, they should be about shoulder width. Remember the word balanced. When you throw your punch do not over extend your shoulder into the punch. This will put you off center and make you vulnerable to counter attack.

You should concentrate on technique before you concentrate on speed and power. Practice this punch about 20 times per day correctly.

Once you have technique down, practice on a heavy bag. Just remember, hit the bag as it is moving away from you. This is to prevent injuries to yourself. You can break a wrist hitting the bag when it is coming towards you.

If you really want to get serious, I recommend going to your local Karate school or boxing club. The Police Athletic League has an excellent boxing program.

Remember, violence doesn't solve things. It normally makes things worse. But, you should be confident enough to defend yourself or your loved ones. Don't be a bully.

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u r working 2 hard. put rum or vodka in your cool aid

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to punch more powerful, fill a LARGE bowl full of sand...then punch it (the sand) continuously. This will strenghten your punch, your fists, and the follow thru. You must punch straight down into the sand in order for this to be effective.

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This may sound dangerous, but it works with me.

First you have to ready a target to punch at. Wrap it with a rope to make it hard.

Punch the target till your hands grow red and your knuckels bleed. Take a rest.

Once heal, you will notice your knuckels that bled hardened. Now this is called a calousos (Im not sure how does it spells). The calousos is far way harder than any part of your body.

Try punching something hard, you won;t feel the pain that much as the calousos numbed it. When you punch some one, it will become your greatest arsenal. Good luck trying!

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First off punching fast as hard as you can does not work. The first thing you have to do is make sure you are punching correctly. Using your body to maximize the power in your punch. Second thing throw your punches slow with tension. It will help your form and the tension will help your muscles build power.

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I'd give krzylove best answer with these amendments...

Force = mass x acceleration (rather than mass x speed). If you throw a punch while standing still your hand moves from 0 to xx metres per second. If you throw a punch while stepping or leaning forward into it with your hips and shoulder, you'll be adding a little more speed to that punch. Hopefully that makes sense.

Also shadow boxing or something with weighted gloves is great for working on your speed, as is punching a speed bag, although unless you've worked up to a 10lb weight, it will more than likely cause unnecessary stress as has already been explained. Start light and work up. 1lb is heavy enough to start with. Just think about how heavy your hand is. 10lb is more than twice it's weight!

All the best :)

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I was always taught to work on speed.
Power will come in time when you build up the muscle.
Speed is the most important in throwing punches, I always need to make sure I can throw a punch and get to covering myself immediately.

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holding weights in ur hands wont do anything for u really. Getting a punching bag and a good bag workout will improve ur power alot. hitting a speed bag too will increase ur speed. make sure wen hitting the bag u have a good form so u get the full result. practice punch combos in the air can also improve ur speed, power, and form. weightlifting too will also boost power. come up with a work out schedule that works for u using these methods. u will see results.

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Make sure you're rotating your wrists inward as your fists approach the target, and be sure you're throwing the punch while rotating your entire upper body as you begin the punch.

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