Antonio Margarito vs. Miguel Cotto is officially set for June 9th, who will win?

Bob Arum just announced that the fight between Margarito and Cotto (providing that Cotto defeats Urkal) will take place. What's your prediction on this fight?


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Margarito by split decision

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Miguel Cotto!!

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Its gonna be a great fight. I am a Margarito fan, but realistically he probably would have lost his last fight if Clottey didn't hurt his hand. Also, Cotto looked really strong in his last fight defeating the other Puerto Rican.
I hope Margarito wins, but he is no Salvador Sanchez..


Cotto will win. Margarito is a good fighter who will give Cotto a good fight but Cotto is better and i think Cotto will get inside and use his body attack to set up the head punches and stop Margarito late in the fight. Should be a war while it last and expect both fighters to hit the canvas at some point in the fight.

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I say Cotto will win. He is undefeated and until someone beats him he has to be the favorite.

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Cotto will win win by TKO. He gets better every fight. He is one of the best fighters in boxing right now. He just broke in to Ring Magazines top ten pound for pound list. As I said in the past in this forum, he is a force to be reckoned with in the upcoming years in the welter and jr. mid divisions. He must still improve his defense though. As my man Santana D has said he is one of the bright spots on boxing's dark horizon. I really expect him to be a force in boxing.

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Margarito will win i remember when Margarito faced Kermit Cintron everyone said that it was Cintron night that this fight will elevate him to the top, well Margarito ran him over, Before someone replies back I know that Kermit was hurt or so they say but you know what so was Margarito in the Clottey fight he hurt his ankle and plus he had a long lay off so if people are going to make excuse for why they lost then you have no heart if you lost then you lost don't cry about it. I remember when Cotto faced Torres (forgot his first Name he is now a world champion) Torres gave Cotto everything and Cotto almost was knocked but i do give Cotto credit he came back and knocked out Torres . But Torres punched himself tired and he really did not know what it takes to be Champion, but now he knows he is a world Champ.
Margarito will win because he is best at Welter and this is Cotto 2nd fight as a Welter, Margarito in 7 or 8.

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