"Dream Bouts" Riddick Bowe vs "Razor" Ruddock - Hwy wt 15 rds, Who wins?


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hey guys, the cat's back! i think bowe is one of the hardest to do "dreambouts" with. he was such a talented fighter with such great natural skills, but he squandered those skills maybe even more so than tyson did his. on paper, i say bowe wins this fight: futch in the corner, great in-fighting and good speed for a big guy. however, razor had that vicious left semi-uppercut that could neutralize an opponent, or at least change the momentum in a fight. i give him good odds to take bowe, but only if bowe is not at his best, which, unfortunately, is most of the time. otherwise, bowe dulls the razor and knocks him out in the later rounds after a brawl of a fight!

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Bowe, KO in the middle rounds.

Rematch from the contender?

razor ruddock would have destroyed riddick bowe by the middle rounds. Riddick Bowe only seemed good because there were only bums around when he was at his peak!

Who would win this fight?

At their best Riddick inside of 9 rounds. Both guys get rocked in this fight.

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Smitty I think former champion Bowe controls this bout with his jab. He was quite a formidable fighter when he was in shape. Ruddock is dangerous and has a good punch but I believe that Bowe is a much better boxer and wins a unanimous decision in this one,

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I have to pick Bowe in this fight. He had the better overall skills and the better jab, and he could fight inside pretty good for a big man. Ruddock had a good left hook, but little else. If he doesn't luck up and tag Bowe early with it, Bowe would wear him down with overhand rights and uppercuts and snap a good left jab in his face all night and eventually stop Ruddock by the 8th round. Ruddock would've been a sucker for Bowe's overhand right because he stood to straight up and Bowe would catch him with it over and over like Lennox Lewis did against Ruddock in knocking him out.

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Bowe by dec.

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riddick bowe in 8.

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