Any tips on Muay Thai conditioning, Exercises?

I am aware Muay thai has extreme conditioning and i was just wondering what excercises and conditioning that were involved in the sport.


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Depending on the level that you take beginner/advanced , the conditioning varies, but the drills are still tough. Part of the training involves:

Rope jumping

pad work/mitt work

heavy bag work (punching, elbowing, kicking, kneeing)

lots of sit ups, push ups, squats.

shadow boxing.

sparring (light or heavy depending on your level)

clinch work.

You also have to work on your breathing, since you have to do some of the drills with the mouth piece on.

Videos of bad vs good techniques, bag work?

Lots of punching / kicking the bag. Maybe 5 rounds of 3 minutes.

Pad work with your trainer 2 rounds

Jump Rope 15 minutes.

Jog 3 miles a day

pushups, situps

That is a good foundation.

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Bas Rutten MMA workout is one of the best programs for conditioning, check it out at

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