Any 13 year olds here that actually box want to hold a fight soon??

i am 13 no record and am looking for a fight


I would like any type of information i could get on woman boxing... like training.. i live in the boston area?

Hopefully you're registered with USA Boxing and want to participate in a sanctioned bout. Sanctioned competitions are very safe, compared to a backyard or street fight. If you are already registered, your coach should be able to find local matches for you to participate in.

Who is the most underrated fighter you have seen?

ok thats nice

Does anyone think having the "biggest fight ever" on PPV was a smart idea when boxing is in such decline?


Cus d'Amato training methods?

I am 26, that is 13 x 2, so maybe we could tie one of my arms behind my back and I'll fight you.

Are diabetics allowed to box?

im 14 ill fight

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