"Dream Bout" "Dynamite" Dokes vs "Ringo" Bonavena - Hwy wt 15 rds Who wins?


What percentage of women do you think could knock out a man with a single punch?

Michael Dokes had fast hands but lost to an average Gerrie Coetze who I don;t believe was all that impressive a fighter. Bonavena gave Ali fits while losing by 15th round TKO, and lost two hotly disputed decisions to Joe Frazier knocking Joe down twice in their first fight and losing a controversial decision. Ringo was tough as nails and had an iron jaw. I believe Ringo roughs up Dokes during this fight on the inside and wins a close decision.

Pretty boy floyd vs golden boy, who's ready for the rematch ?

Dokes' handspeed beats out Bonvena's rough, ponderous fighting style. Dokes by TKO round 15.

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Bonavena by dec.

Where can I watch the Oscar De la Hoya fight live tonight online?

dokes had great speed,dokes in10

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