After the dominance Dawson showed in taking Adamek?

to the school of boxing; how many other fans of the sweet science are of the opinion that European title holders need to come over to the U.S. to test their mettle against the the best fighters America has to offer? It's obvious that the best competition in the sport is here in the U.S. Why is it with the exception of a few that the European fighters seem to hide in the comfy confines of Europe and fight handpicked opponents. Agree or disagree?


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They need to figure this out.. No fights in the good 'ol U.S.A. = No $$ for them, that's why they usually (hesitantly) make it over here with
30 or more pro fights already, and usually get schooled. Although alot of Euro fighters are adapting alot of American fighting styles. and big ups to Dawson, he fought a great fight.

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I agree very much Brent. Too many European titleholders seem to be afraid to come over to America and battle our best over here mainly because they know it would be a tough road and they are simply not willing to take that risk obviously and are content to stay at home and like you said, fight hand picked and much less dangerous opponents.

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I think the main reasons why european fighters don't fight in america is that its safer to fight in there own backyards. As in certain european countrys its very hard for a travelling fighter to beat a home town fighter, as to be blunt the judges are often biased towards the home fighter. Also the european style doesent seem to appeal to american audiences that much, generally european fighters that have been popular in america have had come forward attacking styles rather than the traditional european style of fighting, so some fighters just don't get the breaks and get overlooked to an extent.

I want to know anice web site for boxing fans or (Forum) i donno wats it called in English??


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There are 2 reasons the 1st is alot of times the European fighters or fighters outside th US don't get any US exposure so if they make a fight to unify belts or fight a top guy the American public doesn't know who the foreign fighter is and won't be that interested. The 2nd is when you have a fighter like Hatton or Calzaghe the $ is in their hometown where they sellout regularly and you have a promoter like Warren who is the same as Arum and King who only look at the $ view of it and not the fans view. Lets flip the question though why don't American fighters fight outside the US nowdays,Adalmak (spelling) was the champ and has a huge following in Poland why didn't they make Dawson go into hostile territory to take the belt? I respect any fighter that fights outside his own country because you could have all the skills but the mental part of fighting the fight and the10-20,000 in the arena wanting your head to get handed to you is what to me makes a true champion.

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