"Dream Bout" Greg Page vs "Ingo" Johansson - 15 rds Hwy wt - Who wins?


Pro boxing?

Greg Page should dominate this fight with his jab. He has to stay away from Johansson's "Hammer of Thor" right hand. I see the big man winning a rather easy decision in this one over Johansson.

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I think it depends on what kind of shape Page is in. If he keeps his weight at a decent level and is even a little bit focused, he would stop Johansson in 7 or 8. If he comes into the ring looking like the Titanic and just doesn't care, who knows?

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Ingo's Bingo catches an undertrained Page in round 7. Page wasted his talent.

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greg page in 12ud.

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Johansson by dec.

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IF Greg came into the fight with his head on right, he would win by late rd stoppage or decision.IF not Ingo would win by decision, since Greg could take a punch.

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