Who would win a fight between ali and marciano?

if both fighters could have fought in their primes who would win and why?


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I am a huge Rocky Marciano fan and I don't particularly care for Ali; however, in a prime vs. prime matchup Ali wins by Unanimous Decision. Ali was too fast for Rocky to hit consistently and although Rocky did have great power, Ali's chin was one of the best in heavyweight history. I see Ali moving around the ring, busting Rocky up with his jab the entire fight. Rocky, who had incredible stamina, may win some of the later rounds, but not enough to win the fight.

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Ali, bc he's better

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Ali's mobility would be the key to his success- he would jab and stick-marciano would become frustrated and lose patience and perspective- get sloppy and get hurt- Ali would turn him into a bloody mess,but would still be greatly fatigued himself

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Ali would have won with his footwork,and I think that by the 5th or 6th round the rope a dope would have done Marciano in.
By the way "rope a dope" was a fighting technique coined by Howard Cosell and perfected by Ali.

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The Rock would "bust Ali up inside"! Rocky was the ONLY undefeated champ in history!

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Why ask a question that can not be answered. To many things to consider even if they were able to fight.

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I would take Rocky. People knock Rocky in that they say he didn't go up against good competition. Well, neither did Ali until Smokin' Joe came along and knocked him on his a**. Ali made a circus of heavyweight boxing. The fight with Sonny Liston was fixed. Ali's knockout punch never hit Sonny. Also, few people know that Sonny had drug problems at the time. Also, don't forget the 'rope-a-dope' b.s. that Ali's corner pulled against Foreman. They had the ropes lossen so Ali could lay on them and absorb blows by Foreman until Foreman's arms gave out.
It would not be a pretty fight what Rocky bouts were but Ali would succumb to Rocky's body punches. I think Rocky hits harder than Smokin' Joe and Rocky would take the hits until he got to the body of Ali. Remember Ali wore down a good opponent. He didn't have a knockout punch from the get-go.

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Marciano. All day long.

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Rocky Marciano by knockout

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