"Iron"Mike Tyson VSDavid "Tuaman"Tua?

Question:Im talking hayday here ,so in your opinion who would win?
and explain why.


What's the best way to become a more powerful puncher?

TYSON - W 50 (KO's 43) TF 58 - W pct 86% - KO pct 74% - wins over Bruno, J. Spinks, Holmes, Berbick, P. Thomas, Ruddock[2], C. Williams, Biggs and M. Spinks - KO'ed Holyfield{2}, Douglas (average fighter) and Lewis - #16 ranked puncher - #72 ranked fighter
Tyson did not have Frazier's will or heart.

TUA - W (KO's 40) TF 40 - W pct 92% - KO pct 80% - wins over Ruiz, Maskaev, Raham and Moorer - KO'ed by none

This a bout between 2 sluggers. Tua was never KO'ed. A fight between two KO artist like these, the bout can not possibably go the distance. In a suprise upset, we have Tua in a 7 rd TKO of Tyson.

Current Fighting?

MIke Tyson by knockout! In his heyday Tyson was way too fast for Tua and just as strong ,back in the day Tyson didnt get hit I think it would be over in 4 rds.

Who will win the fight between raman and maskaev?

in there hayday id go for tyson,both probably had the same punching power but tyson was by far quicker and had better evasive skills-just watch the documentary on tyson called killer instinct you'll see what i mean,plus tyson fought better quality fighters,just my opinion.

Agree or Disagree?

good call greendean, sorry smitty. i'll grant that tua may have had more natural power than tyson, but no way he beats iron mike in their respective heydays. tyson was too fast, too sharp a puncher, threw too many accurate combinations, and had far superior defensive skills. a fight like this would've been a big event and tyson was a natural on the grand stage of a big fight. he would've ducked, sidestepped, and eluded tua's bombs and countered and tore him up on the inside, w/a killer body attack. he would've delivered a systematic beating and neutralized tua, cutting him down to size and knocking him out...i'd say by 7-9 rounds, although my gut tells me it would not have lasted anywhere that long..probably inside of five! tyson by clean knockout!

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