"Sugar" Ray Leonard vs Julio Cesar Chavez (Welterweights)?

Leonard, is flashy, with excellent combinations, cat like reflexes, and is an outstanding finisher. Chavez is a warrior. Always moving forward, a relentless body puncher, master at cutting off the ring, and has an excellent chin. Who wins, in their prime?


Frankie(the surgeon) randall first fighter to defeat julio ceasar chavaz the greatest lightweight champion eve

Ray would have handled him easily. Leonard was a natural welter and would be the bigger man. Leonard would have boxed him stayed outside and stung him with left jabs, right crosses, and would have landed that outstanding left hook (I always thought the left hook was Ray's best punch, it was textbook). Chavez had trouble against boxers (Whitaker, Randall). Chavez would not be the favorite of the judges, as he was many times. Leonard by a unanimous decision, and fairly comfortably. Good question and a great match up of two legends.

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Towards the end of his career, Chavez proved himself to be nothing more than a whiner, quitter and excuse maker - who stole the title back from Randall in the rematch.

Leonard would have rolled right over him. Quickly.

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Sugar ray

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Did you watch Meldrick Taylor get robbed? Sugar Ray was an even better boxer, smarter and faster than Taylor was. Watch the 2nd Duran fight...same thing would have happened against Chavez.

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Great question and an interesting fight between legends. I believe Leonard is more of a natural at this weight and a little bigger and stronger than Chavez. Leonard was an outstanding boxer and Chavez a tough warrior with a good chin. Leonard's speed would have been the difference in this fight and I believe he would have stopped Chavez in the 9th round.

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Sugar Ray all the way! Ray was naturally bigger and stronger and much faster than Julio. Ray would pick him off from the outside with jabs and right hands and would fight Chavez well on the inside also. Chavez was a relentless pressure fighter but he would've paid a hefty price trying to get to Ray's body. Chavez would not have broken Ray down like he did Meldrick Taylor in the late rounds of their 1st fight. Ray would have out boxed and out fought Chavez and stopped him late in the fight.

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