9 __Darter?

Has phil 'the power' taylor still got it, I think so after losing all the weight he will come back stronger!! watch out Barney!! he want's his title back.


Could Alex Ramos have beaten Thomas Hearns in a 15 rounder at 160?

Yeah he's still the best. For the sport it was good that Barney beat him. Taylor will come back stronger.

Mike Tyson: Like him or hate him?

yeah , dont worry about the power , hes the greatest player to ever pick up a set of arrows, and the raise in competition from barney will only make him even better.

"Sugar" Ray Leonard vs Julio Cesar Chavez (Welterweights)?

Taylor is one of all time greatest dart players in history. Yeah he never lost it and is always a threat to take a 9 dart out 501 game.

How did Andy Hug die?

Why isn't darts shown on Yahoo as "Entertainment", it's not really a sport is it? Where do you stop?. Are chess, draughts and blow football all sports?

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