Any MALES whos ever punched or ever been punched by someone in the abs?

Question:What was your reaction and explain the situation
did u get punched or did u punched someone else?
did u or they have a 6 pack?


Boxing question?

I do not have a visible six pack, but it's under there somewhere, I know! I have been hit in the stomach countless times, and also delivered countless blows to the stomach. It never feels good to get hit. I've gotten hit with hard blows that didn't phase me, and not so hard blows that have brought me to my knees. It's about placement and abdominal flex, breathing, etc...The blows I've given back have had different reactions too. I've crumbled guys with a six pack and also not been successful to a hardbody. It depends on the person. Their isn't a set formula of how chisled your abs are to how you accept a body blow. However, if you are soft around the midsection, you are DEFINATELY going to feel it more! Crunch, crunch crunch

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That's odd that is th second ab question i've answered today. I got punched in the stomach by my girlfriend yesterday.Talk about strange.

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I dont have i 6 pack but i do have strong abs, if you have strong abs the only pain comes from the impact the way a slap to the face does, but if you have weak abs, then there is more internal pain like if you got a dead leg

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Just females.

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if your smart you dont hit them in the abs you hit them in the solar plexes or at the top of the abs its the weakest part also in the ribs theres not much to protect the ribs

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