Ali vs. Rocky?

hypothetical question, who would win in a fight between mohamhed ali and rocky(if rocky was a real boxer)?


Why did those stupid judges rob James Toney in his last fight?

Ali by decision if the fight went 12. Earlier if Rocky has to retire due to cuts.

Who is Frank J. Glankler, Jr?

mohamhed ali

De La Hoya Vs Mayweather?

At what point? If Ali was in his prime I would almost guarntee he'd win. If you mean when he retired and Rocky was starting type of thing then Rocky could proably beat him. If they were both at the top of their game then Ali would win.

What do you think about Amir Khan's fights?

ali all da way cause rocky looks tough and all but i doubt that he can fight

Whos looking forward to the joe calzaghe v peter manfredo fight in march?

Ali man greatest boxer of all time Rocky wont be able to take him no way.

What colors will Oscar De La Hoya be wearing for Saturday's fight against Floyd Mayweather?

Taking the time question one step further...

If Ali and Sylvester Stallone were in the ring today.the Italian Stallion would cream Ali. I don't think Mohamhed Ali would even know where he is.

What weight category would Rocky Balboa fight under, if he was real?

Ali all the way

Does Kelly Pavlik have a chance to beat Edison Miranda?

My opinion is Rocky.

So, How bout that hyped up, overrated fight between Ortiz and Shamrock on Saturday night? Thoughts? Opinions?

Ali would win, but there was a boxer named Rocky Marcianno who went undefeated his whole career, that would have been a good fight against Ali.

Tommy Morrison.?

What are you 12? Ali was champion of the world, Rocky was a make believe fighter witth the right camersa angles, Ali would level Rocky, probably in the first minute of the first round.

BOXING help??

Muhammad Ali's skill was that of genius, sheer genius. Had one ever beheld him live in a duo or exhibition fight, this will have been evident at once. He carried the frame of a heavyweight and the dexterity and flitting speed of a welterweight.

He could hurt you with either hand and the only boxer who could back up, stick a punch and knock out an opponent -- extremely unusal, for this involves a form of leverage and facility at working angles mixed with speed that was flat out deadly.

His speed was simply off the charts -- regardless of weight class; both his defensive and offensive skills were matchless.
And most unusual of all, he fired punches not from the shoulder but from the arms, which was thought unheard of by aficianados, managers, trainers and other fighters.

The character Rocky demonstrated the skill of a fighter, a classical fighter but simply would not withstand the likes of a Muhammad Ali.

Only the fighter Joe Frazier could near match Ali's style and skill, but none matched his talent ever in the history of heavyweight boxing -- none...

Who is the best pound for pound boxer in the game today? Is he in the same class as Sugar Ray Robinson?

rocky balboa.

Marvin hagler vs benard hopkins who wins and why?


How much do you think each fighter will weigh at tomorrow's weigh-in?

Muhammad Ali. Rocky is just a terrible terrible boxer. Technically speaking, he's not even a boxer. If you took Rocky's sloppy, zero defence fighting style and matched him against any heavyweight contender in the world he'd get smoked.
That being said, I do love the films.

Can i please get some info on how to make a pool for boxing?

Muhammad Ali would slice Rocky's face into a bloody mass. By today's rules, he may even be TKO'd because of cuts within 4 rounds. If they go by the 3 knockdown rule, maybe by the 2nd round. Rocky would never have a chance to touch Ali's body. That was Rocky's best offensive weapon, the body punches. ("Go for the body, Rock!"--Mickey)

Who was the first black heavywieght boxing Champion?

Ali- quicker and would not foolishly give it away like Apollo Creed


Ali wins in real life, but Rocky would win if the fight took place in a Rocky movie.

Who wins the fight saturday night? i say maywether by tko in 11th!!?

I think Muhammad Ali would win,any ways Rocky could beat him.
I don't really care who wins at least it Will be a good show.
Any ways Ali will win ^_^

"Roumble young man roumble ahhhhh"
"Yo Adrian"

Panama Al Brown vs Carlos Zarate. Who wins?


Should Bernard Hopkins be in the top 10 boxers ever? If so, at what number? And which fighters would be on top

Rocky of course. In fact, Balboa did beat Ali in a 10 round exhibition in Atlantic City in 1981. I was there. For the first four rounds the Rock was off balance, but eventually he started moving his head and slipping Ali's killer jab. This allowed him to work the body and more effectively press the fight. It wasn't his prettiest victory but it was still a win for the Italian Stallion.

Okay, okay. So Ali was over the hill. But even in his prime, I still believe Balboa would do what he had to to come out on top. His raw determination was unmatched.

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