How to punch your weight?


Are boxers anywhere near as strong as a weightlifter/bodybuilder?

to punch your weight

to prepare

you hit from the knees upwards drop the body bend the knees rotate hips and shoulders drop shoulder and arm

now to throw a punch do the same in reverse

best u do this quickly or youll get nailed

Evander Holyfield vs. Rocky Marciano who wins?

punch your weight with your fist?

What ever happened to Tyrell Biggs?

Use all positive force through the punch at the same time.

Pushups leading to knockout punch?

rotate your punch before contact put your weight behind your punch as in "punch your weight"

Is there any boxing clubs in the dublin aera for my son?

with proper balance you should punch more than your weight! lots of sites on how to box.

Is the death of "rap" music in some way connected to European dominance over "gangstas" in the HW division?

some people can some people cant thats why you have boxers who have brillant Knock out % and others dont. you can improve your technique by planting your feet before punches so you get the maximun amount of power but some people are just born stronger than others. .

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