A p ribafish - this question is open to the boxing forum but I want..?

to hear your answer. Dream match Ricky Hatton vs. Aaron Pryor who wins? Hatton has won as many fights as Pryor had in his career. Hatton is undefeated. He is a legend in England and in Europe. His workout regimen is torturous (Try doing the bag bar and body belt it's strenuous). On paper this match up is one for the ages! Hatton is a relentless pressure fighter with a lion's heart. We'll cut Hatton some slack and make it a 12 round fight. Not the true championship distance of 15 which Pryor fought. In their prime.


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Brent ~
I know this question is meant for a p, but I couldn't help myself. I'll put a twist on it, I think Pryor would have eaten Collazo alive inside of four rounds and since Collazo clearly beat Hatton, regardless of the way off score cards, I don't see Ricky making it past 3 rounds. His face was a "Bloody" (for the English fans) mess.
I'm sick of the English fight fans not knowing decent from Great. Calazaghe "Great" how do they explain his last fight? Naz "Great" how do they explain his beating at the hands of Marco Antonio Barrera? Hatton "Great" I wonder what Collazo has to say about that? These fighters are very ORDINARY fighters.
It's not a matter of bashing European boxers, until they come here to the United States and fight opponents that aren't hand picked and fight fighters with a pulse save the "Greatness"

Who do you think will win?

I don't think that Hatton has fought the caliber of fighters (remember Kostya Tszyu was at the end of his career) that Pryor did. He was in wars.Hatton has not had to deal with that. He may be a pressure fighter, but he would be a distinct dis-advantage against Pryor in the speed department, and I see Pryor being the person putting the pressure on Hatton. It is yet to be seen if Hatton can fight going backwards and backwards he would have to go against Aaron Pryor. If Hatton could handle Pryor's pressure and speed, it would shape up to be a long, grueling match-up.

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Brent - Hatton is a terrific fighter, no question. Pryor was a great fighter.
Pryor - inside the distance.


It seems as if the English numbskull that this question is directed to is as clueless about politics as he is about boxing.

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of course it can never happen Pryor in his day before coke ruined him would have won in ten

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Brent, before I write anything else, I should tell you that I AM NOT the right person to give opinion in this matter. I am aware that Aaron Pryor was a great champion and a legend of American boxing. But unfortunately I really don't know too much about this man. He had his last title match when I was 1 year old and so far I've only seen three of his fights. So most of what I do know about him is based on reading forums and some fight reports. So take that in consideration here and don't get angry if some fact gets written incorrectly perhaps. Now, this is what I think:

The difference between 12 and 15 rounds in this match would most likely be unimportant. Both these fighters are strong attackers, really heavy hitters with tremendous knock out power. I think that the match between them would have probably looked like Thomas Hearns Marvin Hagler fight, a brawl and it wouldn't have lasted more then 8 or 9 rounds tops (having said that it would be important to point out that Pryor has been dropped a lot more times then Hatton in his career).
I think that in this match it would all come down to which man would be able to inflict his style, take the center of the ring, power forward and force the opponent to back pedal because retreat is something that both of them are unaccustomed to and either forced into it would have serious problems, Hatton probably a bit more. You seem to be convinced that Pryor would wipe the floor with Ricky in this match just like that, but I once again think that you're wrong. In my opinion this is just too close to call and we would simply have to see this match to know who the better man is. Too bad we never will.

In the end, one more time, take into consideration that my intelligence was very limited when making this statement. But then again, I'll have you know that nowdays some people... well start wars based on lot less reliable information.

Brad M I AM NOT AN ENGLISHMAN and I wrote this last part as A JOKE, moron. I can't believe someone would actually be offended by it. However, since it's you, I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised.

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