Anthony Peterson wants to be the best pound for pound boxer. Does he have a good chance at that?

I don't hear much about him other than the fights I've watched, but he looks like one of the best fighters I've ever seen. Zab Judah compared him to a young Joe Louis as kind of a side thought and I think I agree. Wondering what other people think.


Who will Winky Wright fight next?

I would say he is a prospect definitely, but there are a few Lightweights in the mix that are already established for example Juan "Baby Bull" Diaz who would lay greater claim to be the best p4p in the division, i would say he would have to start stepping up his competition and remain unbeaten for at least another 5-7 years or so before people could start talking about him as the best p4p, it could happen but we will need to see what he can do against the top fighters in his division first not just these handpicked opponents that are bulking up his record.

Dr Ack - What Mayweather fights have you been watching, dont get on his bike, dont make me laugh, the bloke runs away from the other fighter that much he could be on his motorbike not just his bicycle.

Will floyd run after he taste's de la hoya's leather?

Not as long as "Pretty Boy" Floyd Mayweather is still putting on the gloves. This guy is so ggod that all his bouts are boring. He takes on all comers and embarrasses them. He does this without getting on his bicycle, he stands right in front of his opponents despite often being physically smaller. He can stand toe to toe with his opponent and not get hit while dishing out piping hot azz whoopings.

Does anyone believe Foreman was drugged against Ali?

A very solid lightweight. Throws good short crisp punches. But I thought he got hit too much, although I thought he sat in the pocket and took too many punches on his arms. We'll see how he pans out as he steps up in competition. Looked great against Garza last night, I must say.

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