Aaron Pryor Vs. Sugar Shane Mosley, Who wins? (at 147)?

With Pryor moving up in weight to fight the Mosley that beat De la Hoya in their first fight. Could Mosley handle Pryor's relentless pressure? Would Mosley's speed be too much for Pryor? What do you think?


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Pryor would smoke Mosley. KO round 10. Mosley wouldn't be able to handle the pressure. Pryor would handle Mosley's speed. Could Mosley handle Pryor's speed? Good question Pancho!

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Sugar Shane Mosely because he's fast

Rocky balboa?

Keep Pryor out of the booze.....and he d have a chance to beat Mosley

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Sugar Shane Mosley all the way

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Sugar shane mosley is going to take this fight..

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Pryor. Too much pressure.

I love the contender and all but.?

"If you mix Joe Frazier with Ali and make it weigh 147 lbs., it would be Aaron Pryor...Sugar Shane is a dam good fighter but the talent back then was way more Superior than it is now..Aaron 'The Hawk' Pryor wins in the 9th rd...

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thats a easy fight for aaron pryor he would have 2 many skill for shane and would run rings around him

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get a life...why do people ask about fight that obviously will never happen? and unless some sort of time travel is created, no one will ever now who will win.

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Alexis Arguello can beat both boxers at the same time.

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Sugar Shane Mosley is a really good fighter and has very fast hands and good ring movement but Aaron "The Hawk" Pryor was an all time great in my opinion and a fighter that came at you from all angles and throwing an enormous amount of punches and with power too! Pryor could also take one helluva shot too and was tough and durable. I believe Pryor would chase Shane around the ring landing punches from everywhere and taking some too from the fast and clever Moseley and would knock Mosley out in the 11th round of a non stop action bout. Good question sir!

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Mosley - W 43 (KO's 37) TF 48 - W pct 90% - KO pct 77% - wins over Leija, De La Hoya{2} and Vargas[2] - KO'ed by none
As of 2004 ranked as #21 best fighter pound 4 pound current fighter.

Pryor - W 39 (KO's 35) TF 40 - W pct 98% - KO pct 88% - wins over Cervantes, Arguello{2}, D. Johnson and L. Blackmore - KO'ed by B. Young (unknown)[by that time Pryor was a washed-up, drug/doped out fighter] - #35 ranked fighter
I am surprised that he is not ranked in the 100 greatest punchers of all-time
Drugs probably did cost him greatness as a fighter

Pryor's relentless pressure and that black bottle will catch up with Mosley in rd 11. It will be a TKO (referee stoppage) because Mosley has never been KO'ed.

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Pryor cares little about getting hit. All he cares about is tagging whatever is in front of him. If "The Hawk" is in fact hammered during this fight, Shane Mosley is in big fuckin trouble. I see Mosley wilting under the pressure and Aaron Pryor bending him over inside of 6 rounds. An absolute abortion.

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