A Paquiao Marquez rematch who will win and why?


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Manny will win. Pacquiao is at his peak best right now. When they first met, Pac Man - though he had already beaten Barrera - was still kinda one-dimensional. Yes, he was already fast and strong but he could get hit easily, as exposed by the counterpunching Marquez. Now, Manny is faster, stronger and has added a new dimension to his game, i.e. defense. He now moves his head a lot and has developed a sound footwork, which he used to elude Morales' punches (in the 3rd bout) and make him pay with powerful counters. In short, Pacquiao has become a complete fighter and arguably the best pound-for-pound. No one will beat him at superfeatherweight.

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It depends on weather or not there is a early round knockdown, if there is we will probably see a onesided fight for Manny Pacquiao

Capt. Ivan "Death From Above" Drago v.s. "Dr. Iron Fist" Vitali Klitschko... can you tell I am a Rocky fan?lol

it would still be a draw and for the third it will stand still as a draw.. who knows? one for the history..

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Close match...but Manny will come out the victor. As long as he has Freddy Roach as a trainer, he will beat Marquez.

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I think Manny is wondering how Marquez survived the first round of the first fight. It has to be in his head, and that is not good for a slugger. Marquez is going to be the first to beat Manny, and I really would perfer Paquiao, I am a big fan of Manny. The draw with Marquez is really a victory for Juan and a loss in the mind of Paquiao. Their next fight will show the importance of mental attitude in a championship match. Look for Marquez to win a decision.

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Paquiao will win this one. Marquez cpuld not do any thing with the power punch of paquiao.

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