Ali vs. the Champion of Iranian Ultimate Fighting...nhb?

Question:here is a promo video of the iranian ufc..


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Don't listen to those two previous posters. Ali was overrated. I am sure an iranian ufc fighter would teach him a lesson.

Also, it is obvious the link is directed towards youtube, a computer friendly website.

If Roy Jones wouldn't of moved back down to light heavyweight after that Heavyweight win,where would he be now

You can't compare the two because they fight under different rules. If it were a boxing match, under boxing rules, Ali would smoke that clown within 20 seconds.

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Don't you have anyone else except Ali to put in these matches? He is getting tired. He will be 65 Jan. 17 of next year. Let the man rest. Ali was a highly skilled boxer indulging in the sweet science. He was not an ultimate fighting person or whatever you call these people. You on the other hand owe people with Parkinson's and Ali an apology for saying you were glad he has Parkinson's. You have a chip on your shoulder about Ali not going to Vietnam. You call him a draft dodger. He has as much love for the U.S. as anyone who lives here or who lived here. He was proud to bring a medal home in 1960, he was a proud champion, and he proudly stood up for what he thought. There needed to be a change. Here was a guy who couldn't drink out of the same water fountain as a white person, had to ride in the back of the bus, couldn't eat in white restaurants and he told everyone that but it all comes down to you saying he was a draft dodger. Very simple for you, very hard for a race of people. He still loved his country despite all that. Look in the mirror man if I dare call you that. Merry Christmas.

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Oh my. Well as far as the question Ali was a great boxer but not an ultimate fighter. Don't have a prediction. As for Garrett that was a great answer. I like this type of forum. Don watch some of Ali's fights maybe you can learn something...maybe.

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