Amir khan?

ive never seen such a set up for a boxer to race through the ranks as fast as khan is doing.when are they going to get this guy a proper fighter to box.the commentators are trying to say that who he's just flattened was a decent boxer?rubbish,you could tell just by looking at him that he was nowhere near khans caliber.get khan to the states,lets see how tough he really is! what do you lot think? ps.-i feel sorry for all the people that have paid good money to go and see that farce!


Let's start the hype now! Cotto vs. Margarito. Who wins?

Amir khan should fight kevin mitchell to get any recognition from me. eouldnt that be an ace fight!

Why did ESPN cancell its fitness shows? Those were good shows.?

he's gona have a title fight at the end of the year

What is Sweetpea Whittaker doing now?

I think a bit of Patience is required here. Khan himself wants to fight the likes of earl, but he's way off that. Frank warren is the man to get him to the top. Every world class fighter that has ever been, has risen slowly but surely through the ranks, and warren is one of the best there is to set up the right fights. Look what he did for hatton. you dont become world class in 2 years and 11 fights.

What name is given to a boxer who weighs between 136 and147lbs?

Yes true but then again, his promoter Frank Warren is building up the fights gradually against harder boxers. Like you said his real test will be later like the Mexican fighters, then we can say whether he is world class or not!

Who you think going to win del la hoya or maywhether?

It's all to do with world rankings and training. Remember, Khan has only has 11 professional fights and needs more experience. Also, victories mean better rankings and that's mabye why he hasn't had the testing fights he needs

The fight I wished would have taken place; featherweight unification bout?

Warren will want his investment back before he risks putting him in with a decent puncher so expect another few dummies first.

Who would win between Batman and Captain America? between superman and incredible hulk?

warren knows what he's doing and khan does need to fight more durable boxers and will do in time

Who would have won.?

fistly khan is still learning his trade there is no need to push him to quick , ok he does need to step up to fighting the best in uk,then commonwealth,then european ,america can wait to see this natural born future world champion .

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Khan is doing the right thing he is young & needs building up.

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