Any Ideas for Rocky 7?


Golden Gloves boxing history, John or William O'Brien during the 1930's-50's in NYC?

Rocky fights Glaucoma.

It goes the distance.

Where I can buy a Rocky boxing gown like the one Stallone wears in the film?

Yes, his funeral. PLEEEEEEZE. Those movies really sucked.

Yuri Tkachev (The Stealth Rock) Is Reputed The Best Russian Boxer And Is Coming To USA! What Is Your Take?

Do we really need a Rocky 7?

Amateur boxing clubs in Cardiff,Wales?

Clubber Lang wants one more rematch with the champ...the late Rocky Balboa. Adrian, Paulie and a gruff but lovable trainer named Gus go out to Forest Lawn with shovels and flashlights to dig him up.

Rocky still has the Eye of the Dead Tiger. He triumphs.

How do I find the details of an unlicensed boxer?

He checks into a motel in Vegas with a hooker and drinks himself to death.

In a fight, wheres a good place to srike the head?

Yeah, Rocky has to start training but is locked up in a Managed Care Facility and has no choice but to hang his colostomy bag up on the tree and start punching it.

Ok, apollo creed or floyd mayweather jr?

Rocky fights the head of the Social Security administration over his benefits.

Who will win,Manny pacquiao vs.jorge solis??

Rocky is challenged to a duel by his caretaker at the nursing home.

Friday Night Fights Show on ESPN?


Could Rafael Marquez now be considered the best pound for pound?

Cripple fight!

Who is the most underrated fighter you have seen?

Yeah he fights a Chinese fighter to improve relations with China, aka Rocky 4. He then fights in a tournament to beat a Middle Eastern fighter again to improve diplomatic relations.

Then he retires and starts the next phase of his life to become a great trainer.

WIll HBO shows the Boxing fight this Night? Oscar de la Oya and ...?

Yeah, he can fight Drago and Mr. T in the nursing home.

Where does Bernard Hopkins rank as a fighter in the history.?

Yeah, Rocky and Bullwinkle can savagely beat Boris Goodenov & Natasha to a pulp in a tag team boxing match by a unanimous decision.

Batman v. Spiderman at 190 lbs, who wins?

I have my movie Idea he will fight a 6'6" Heavy Weight world champion and knock him out at 75 years old while wearing depends and getting sponge baths in between rounds. This Movie series has gotten stupid now

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