Andrew Golota vs. Wladimir Klitschko, who wins this fight?


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Klitschko would probably win this fight. Golota could never win the big fight.

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Wladimir is gona win it!...after the fight with Brock and others Golota is nothing for him...

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This is a no-brainer. Klitschko has more talent. Golota would just be there slugging it out with you. It's all or nothing for him. Klitschko would be smart, though. He wouldn't trade bombs with Golota and risk being stopped. Wlad will slowly wear Golota down.
Golota has equal experience with Klitschko and knows how it is to be in big fights. Klitschko has pulled through in most of the big fights he participated in. Golota, on the other hand, has failed in almost all of the big fights that he participated in. I see Klitschko using his ring savvy to tire Golota before exchanging with him in the seventh. After that, it's bye bye Golota.

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That is hard. Iknow everyone is gonna say klitsko cause he is on top right now, but I seen both look good and both look bad at times. It would have to depend on which golota and klitscho showed up.

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Klitschko would make Golota quit. Two big punchers, one with a bigger heart.

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Good question! Two big guys in this one with Klitschko having the better jab and better boxing skills. Golota could punch but had mental problems when things went against him often resorting to fouling with low punches which cost him several fights in his career. I believe that Klitschko would control this fight with his jab and cut up Golota and win by TKO in about the 11th round.

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Klitschko by KO5 or by DQ due to low blows by Golota

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I do admit I like Golota. I loved seeing him humiliate Riddick Bowe until he started in with the low blows. I have never been able to figure that out anyways. Why did he do it? He was clearly winning both of the matches. Anyways... Golota's time has passed. Wladimir Klitscko would annihilate him.

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