Any help for someone just starting out in Boxing?

Question:I went to my first training session last night and had a really good time, I've finally found something I can apply myself to and that will give me a sense of pride in myself.

I was just wondering if anyone could help me with my weight? I'm 5'10", relatively slim build, with a moderate reach and fairy broad shoulders despite my build.

At the moment I am quite fit for your average guy on the street but obviously this won't cut it in boxing circles. I weight 165lbs (about 12 stone), although I could burn down those last few difficult pounds which obscure my stomach muscles and maybe stretch myself to losing another 6 or so lbs.

Would this be the ideal weight for someone my size? Any help with my routine would be helpful.



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Hi dont worry on strength and weight at this stage, work on technique and speed this is vital to any fighter at any weight.

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just keep doing exercise daily it will put you in good shape and loose weight that you want.and always drink water when your hungry and about to think of food.instead take a lot of liquid that could make you stable your flow in sweating

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I'll ask Orhan Delibas next time I see him. He's much revered in my town, as an Olympic silver medalist in boxing... We still believe he (Turkish guy) was cheated out of gold by his opponent in the finals... He stayed in New York for a while trying to make it in Regilio Tuurs Box team. They went under as Tuur obviously missed the necessary skills to keep his team out of trouble...

Orhan tends a night pub, I like him and his girlfriend very much. He gave free clinics for homeless people. Self esteem you know... but beware of blows to the head....

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Depends on what weight you want to box at. Some of the lighter boxers try to pump themselves up and end up going wrong. Best advice would be to keep on with the weights, do circuit training at least once a week and for the stomach muscles use a medicine ball behind the head and do sit ups with it.

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UN fortunately I'm not sure what the best weight for some one of your size but that is not important as long as you exercise and eat well if your go up in weight that's a good thing because you'll be gaining muscle mass which will help you greatly for boxing. Don't focus on loosing weight but foucus on gaining muscle mass.

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best of luck in your boxing career but whatever you do make sure you do not hire don king to be your manager!!!!!

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No easy answer,just commitment to diet and exercise.Main thing is to enjoy the boxing.

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Your ok. I started a couple years ago. I was 6' 170 long reach, flat footed and right handed. I dropped to 158. I bench 220 so I was a lot stronger with a great reach. I'm a puncher do to my flat feet. You go for where you have the advantage. you go up you might not be as strong, if you stay at 165 or 158 you would have an advantage. good luck. fight hard. and STAY conditioned.

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run, run, run. This will burn off your excess fat, build your stamina and endurace, and give you time to meditate

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i dont think u r overweight actually if u dropped 10 lbs. You be at a normal weight for ur height. Question is , do u wanna fight amateur? if u do, after 6 months of hard training , u should drop 10 lbs relatively easy. that is if ur body composition allows it. its very hard to loose muscle weight. Running wise , it will allow u to have better conditioning , weight will come off. drink lots of water and eat good and clean. 5 to 6 meals is always better. Boxing its a beautiful sport , but it aint for everybody. Your weight should be the last of ur concerns at this point. CONDITIONING is ur number one concern once u learn ur basics.

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very first thing you want to do is get in excelent physical condition-lot of running and jump roping -then at your weight start working on your power by lifting weights remembering most of your power will come from your legs-it is a myth that lifting weights will slow you down -just be sure to do your regular workout after lifting weights

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