What next for Calzaghe?

What should and will be Calzaghe's next likely move? Will he really go to the US and fight Hopkins and would Hopkins be interested in fighting Joe over a fight with Oleg Maskaev who he's indicated he's interested in fighting? Or would a Calzaghe vs Kessler be more likely? I think Frank Warren should really push for the Hopkins in the US because Calzaghe should try and capitalise on the interest that the US have seemingly had in him since he beat Lacy. However, a defeat over Kessler would unify the belts. It's a question of raising his international profile and fighting Bernard in the US or going for a unification. No disrespect to Kessler but he just can't draw a crowd like Hopkins could. Other options for Calzaghe would be Clinton Woods but again, and no disrespect to Woods, he can't generate the same interest as a stateside fight would despite that arguably being a potentially great fight. Joe's got options of great fights before he considers retirement but what will he do?


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he`s interested in fighting maskaev?the heavyweight you must be joking based on his performance last night and unless he fights a stiff i`d say what`s next for joe is a defeat, hopkins would beat him and kessler needs more advance billing for a huge payday so they wait on that but my guess is if they wait too long joe will be an ex-champ.

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The fight was live on freeview all over the states, but on last nights poor performance i don't think the yanks will be all that interested! And all that 'showboating' shows no respect for his opponent!

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nearly a decade as champ surly his profile in America is well known, Joe should let others come to him, not sure of his next opponent though, im not totally up on boxing.

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My preference for Joe would be to go after Kessler and unify the belts for the simple reason that if you have a unified title he could virtually pick his next fight himself and as for B-Hop he definitley has his eyes on a Heavyweight title if anything so therefore wouldnt be interested in fighting Joe, and to be fair i dont blame Hopkins there will never be an easier time in the history of Boxing for a middleweight to win a Heavyweight title and this will assure him legendary status. Another reason Hopkins and Calzaghe wont fight each other is that B-Hop hasnt got time to wait around for Joes hands to heal again i would say that we wont be seeing Joe back in the ring again for 12 months.
To the other answerers i would say that for real boxing fans who know a little bit about boxing it was a dangerous fight for Joe to take (have a look what Bika was doing to Marcus Beyer before the fight got stopped), Bika is hard as nails and it looked like his head was made of concrete, i was there at Ringside last night and watched Bika take between 5 or 10 shots that would of staggered any Super-Middle but Bika didnt even flinch and another thing that didnt help the fight as a spectacle was Bikas dirty tactics at some points, he was trying to turn it into a streetfight and that didnt allow Joe to show off his boxing skills that he showed against Lacy, and although it werent Joes greatest performance as he would admit himself, he won it by a fairly wide margin with a broken hand again, i think the man deserves a little bit of respect (19 defenses) not people having a pop at him.

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Hopkins won't fight maskaev, Hopkins is about 2 stone lighter. and maskaev would have to give up his heavyweight belt to move down 2 weight divisions. As for Joe i think he'll go for Kessler as he beat Beyer quite emphatically.

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Who ever it will be It will be another Calzaghe win!

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what's up with this dream match with hopkins? hopkins is retired and i don't think this match up would make him come out of retirement.

Calzaghe don't bring dollars in like De La Hoya, so that really seem enticing for Hopkins.

More likely it the fight would be with Kessler to unify the belts.

Next it would be the winner out of Manfredo and Roy Jones Jr.

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He will be KO'ed by Hopkins.

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