Adidas - Rocky IV?

Why do the Soviet trainers and Ivan Drago wear clothing made by Adidas? Rocky IV was shot at the height of the Cold War. There is no way that the Soviets would have chosen a Western (West German) manufacturer to produce their gear!


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If you're looking to Rocky for consistency and to reflect on the socio-political status of trading relations between the Soviet Union and the west, then truly, you're missing the point of the film.

Next you'll be questionning, why Rocky or Apollo didn't fight Joe Frazier in Rocky II, as Apollo clearly told him 'he was next'.

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I don't know, but just watch the great movie

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Well, I think that even during the Cold War, the Soviet Union did have trade relations even with some western nations. Even if Adidas came from West-Germany, it was possible that the product was imported by the Soviet Union due to its well-known quality and close proximity (it being European-made). If I'm not mistaken, even the Sabonis-led Soviet national basketball teams back then were outfitted by Adidas.

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Because Hollywood and Stallone probably made money from Adidas by putting their brand in the movie. It would definitely be a great advertisement for Adidas, right? It has nothing to do with accuracy in what was happening historically with the Soviet Union at that time.

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Umm... because it is only a film, it is not real. What a stupid question.

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just watch the great movie plz it is great and ill bet you find out

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