Stanley Ketchel vs Bobo Olson. Who wins?

15 rounds middleweights and both in their prime.


November 4?

I though Bobo Olson was a wonderful fighter. The "illustrated" Hawaiian never got his due, he always was in shape and fought the best, including Robinson, who beat him thrice, Gaviland, Turpin. Ketchel, however, was an absolute legend. An amazing fighter. Tireless. Tough as double forged nails. stoppage, after some furious give and take, in 8. Although Carl was very strong, Ketchel had the strength to knock down the heavyweight champion, Jack Johnson. Johnson, a defense genius, who pulled horses in strong man stunts when he retired, was not easy to topple.Sorry, Bobo fans...but Ketchel was what boxing dreams are made of.

Boxing gloves?

Ketchel destroys Olson. Ketchel by KO round 3.

Hbo or showtime boxing? which is better?

Stan Ketchel.

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