A hypothetical match up for the Mexican and British boxing fans..?

Question:John H. Stracey vs. Pipino Cuevas who wins?
Welterweights 15 Rounds. In their prime.


Will Calzaghe fight Jermain Taylor? If so, who wins?

Cuevas - W 35 (KO's 31) TF 50 - W pct 70% - KO pct 62% - wins over - Espada[3], Backus, Weston and Shields - KO'ed by Hearns, Duran and later in his career by several fighter - #31 ranked puncher

Stracey - W 45 (KO's 37) TF 51 - W pct 88% - KO pct 73% - wins over E. Lopez, Napoles and H. Lewis - KO 'ed by D. Green, Palomino and C. Jackson (average fighter)
He fought all of his fights in England (a big minus).

Both are the fighters were good punchers. I give Cuevas the nod by a 14 rd KO.

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cuevas wears him down and stops him in the 10 th, other than wins over aging napoles and lewis who did stracey realy look good against?

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Cuevas by split decision

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