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Question:So, recently I have been made aware of some type of 'Fight Club' by my house where dudes ranging from age 18 to 28 fight, ranging from karate type stuff, UFC, and even Boxing. I am interested in it because I figure at worst it could be an interesting way to shed some pounds...

Well, any way, I was there at Sports Chalet to pick up some equipment, and I noticed that there were at least 3 different types of boxing glove. One was labled boxing gloves 16 ounce, they were red everlast, and they appeared to tie at the wrists like shoes. The other was the same glove but instead of tying like a shoe it was elastic and those ran $20.00 per pair and the third was labled training boxing glove 16 ounce. They were Blue everlast, and had straps that were velcro and wrapped around the wrists. These were a bit nicer and cost $35.00

So my question is what is the difference between each glove, which should I buy, and what should I wrap my hands with?
Also, Trunks and Boots? Any good websites?


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the difference in boxing gloves vary by weight and type. training gloves are exactly that for training and not for fights or sparing. the reason is that they are not approved by boxing commisions to be sufficent for bouts. the ounces on the gloves normally determine the weight class they should be used in. the heavier the ounces are the heavier the person should be who wears them. example 16 and up would be a heavy weight and so on... you have training gloves, pro fight gloves, and bag gloves (heavy bag). you can also go to title.com , everlast.com, or ring.com

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i think the blue ones are for sparing, red ones are for reg. boxing the difference between lace and Velcro? maybe certain leagues rules require laces, or it could just be personal preference, these are just my guesses and hearsay so don't rely on my answers to much

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