Amateur boxing question?

In Amateur boxing since they make you wear headgear, do face/head shots stil hurt? SHould i even punch opponents in the head? What Strategy works the best?


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Yes even if you get punched in the face it hurts. You could even get knocked out. The main things is to wear you opponent down-depending on how long your rounds will be. But there is a saying that goes this way..."kill the body first and the head falls". So, if you aim at the body your opponent will get tired fast and may even lose "air" therefore causing him to drop his arms etc. etc. In amateur boxing the main thing is to get points. So you must hit your opponent because every hit is a point. .

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Yeah, they still hurt because the head gear moves everytime you get hit. The gear is not nailed to your head, so it falters a little and you will still get some of the impact from the blow. It hurts. So, I would go for the head. But -- very important -- boxing is a sport of enjoyment. You aren't out to kill the other person, so always just remember that. Until you are making money, there's no sense in purposely bashing their heads in. I've heard stories of people boxing and one person gets an injury that will affect them the rest of their life, like someone getting paralyzed. I LOVE boxing, but I don't love it enough to punch someone that hard and have to live with the grief of having taken away someone's life. Anyway...lots of jabs, crosses, and when you beat 'em down enough and get 'em to back off with your jabs, go in for the win with the hooks. Aim for the abdomen area - most players are their strongest in their arms and not their stomachs. They can only take so much there. If you knock the wind out of them, they'll be dealing with that while you're barely hitting them and getting the KO. Good luck! ;-)

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Have you step in the ring to spar yet? I feel if I answer your question it might dampen your dedication to pursue boxing. I will tell you like I will tell other fighters who wants to begin boxing. Experiment with the sport if it is not your speed then pursue other athletics. Boxing is a sport that is more mentally than physically. If you can give a punch you better be ready to let your mind know before your body to receive one.

Good Luck

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Yes, in fact the head gear makes a good target, that why you get so many KO in amateurs,most amateurs think since they wear it ,they dont have protect it.

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Yes head/face shots still hurt and yes you should aim for them they are one of the best shots you can get in boxing. Well I would try to throw them off by acting like Your jsut protecting ur face and then swing in at there chest and stomach and then come in with a new Right hook to the face and a lower right jab.

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Head gear only protects the face from cuts and marks and head butts. Getting punched in the head still hurts. It is the violent motion of the head whipping backwards that causes pain. The headgear softens this blow only slightly. It doesn't matter if it hurts the opponent anyways. Amateur boxing is all about points. As long as you hit them hard enough for the jugdes to deem it an effective blow, you will score points.

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