Any ideas on how I can make a boxing theme cake?

I also have this question posted under the 'Food & Drink' topic. I am trying to simulate the cake in Rocky IV where Rocky presents Adrian with an anniversary cake that features the two of them in the ring. I want it to read, 'I'd go another 10 rounds with you'.


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start with a square cake also your local high end grocery store or bakery will make you one . If your doing it yourself then use candy canes as ring posts with liquorice ropes as ring ropes you put your saying in the middle of the cake and buy some small boxing gloves get them off a cheap Rocky doll at toys are us the use your imagination I still would go to a bakery store they are really good at that kind of stuff.

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make a cake, then put on a boxing glove, and punch the cake right on top of it.. then leave the glove in the cake.. :)

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Boxing gloves would be pretty easy. Make two round cakes, and one other cake, probably square for extra pieces to make the extra pieces of the gloves. You can cut out pieces of paper to piece together like a puzzle first before actually making the cake.

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i didnt see that movie, but, if your tryin to simulate to people standing. All you have to do is take cut bits of the cake stack them with thick frosting for glue into the shapes of people. Also a cute easier one would be to use round cake pans plus probably another rectangle one for the arm bands, but cut the cuts into boxing glove shape. and forst with the red and white colors or whatever, i did that for a cousin who was boxer. turned out real cute. Also specialty cake shops sell all sorts of cake molds. SO they may have standing people ones. but i didnt see that movei so i dont know what the hell ur talkin about . good luck.

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You can do a square or rectangle cake and get posts (ex. Pretzels Rods or just some plastic like an empty pen cylinder to use as ring posts) then use some different color yarn to use as ropes and then you can buy some toy figures to use as boxers.

Good luck

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you could make a 13x9 cake and use twizzlers pull and peels and cinnamon sticks to make it look like a boxing ring.

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