Amir Khan??

Hi Guys what do u think of amir khan he is becoming gud really fast i thik in a few years he will be world champ he is 10-0 now.


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Jay ~
He has pretty good skills, he's somewhat comparable to Hamed (Naz) The thing is he is and will be a product of British Boxing. First it was Lennox that was "Great" then he was exposed as boring fighter, then there was Hamed that was "Great" until he fought Marco Antonio Barrera, then Ricky Hatton was next to be called "Great" until he came to America and fought Callazo and showed he was nothing special, then there's Calazaghe, there's not much to say about his last outing.

Amir Khan will be "Champ" one day if Frank Warren has anything to do with it and he'll spend whatever money is necessary to assure that Khan gets a title, probably the WBO title and most if not all of his fights will be in England against fighters even the people from England have a hard time recognizing like the guys that are on his record now.

The kid is okay, but the gyms in America are filled with fighters that are just okay.

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hes not really British now is he

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May be

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no.....he is over.

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I was on watching Mayweather vs Manfredy 2 hours ago (coinsidentally). This chap said that in 1 year we'll all know who he is and he can beat Mayweather. I did my research on him briefly. This guy has a 10-0 (7 KOs) record against his opponents who compile a 116-99-10 record. That is not anything special, though I know alot of people take bums in the early career. I am not impressed at all yet, it's too early to tell, remember when Audley Harrison was going to be the next Lennox Lewis? David "The American Dream" Reid? Point is, amateur carrers me NOTHING until you go into pros, it is almost a different sport. We'll have to talk when he ACTUALLY fights a real pro instead of these tomato cans.

Anyone see rocky six? very good i liked it.?

He's got come over here to the good ol' U.S of A and fight the deeper talent pools we have in the sport of boxing, win the title here then he can be recognized as a solid if not great champ. If he does what Calzaghe and Hatton have done he'll be pissing away his chance to be called great. You have to fight in America to be considered great. Not hang out in England fighting Frank Warren's handpicked "bum of the month club" fighters.

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