"Muhammad Ali & Mike Tyson "- Who Is Best On Overall ?


If Richard Steele..?

Technical Skills: Ali

Quality of Opposition: Ali defeated Norton, Foreman, Liston Frazier, Patterson Quarry and Shavers. So its Ali

Longevity: Ali Fought From 1960's to 1980's and won the Lineal Championship 3 times. While Tyson's Best Decade was the 1980. While Ali was Dominating the HW division during the Golden Era of HW boxing Tyson was a disgrace in one of the not so great ERA in boxing Losing to Douglas, Holyfield and Lennos Lewis all by KO. ALI Hands Down

Chin: No doubt ALI, Ali was put down in the Canvass by Joe Frazier and Bert Copper but was never Counted Out. He fought the most Fearsome Punchers of all time like Foreman, Shavers, Liston and Frazier with the exception of Frazier none of those punchers evr put him down for full ten count. While Tyson was Counted out against Douglas, and Lost Steam against Holyfield,
ALI's Chin is Legendary.

SO who's the Better fighter Over All

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Muhammad Ali only one legend in the Boxing

Anyone got an update on the de la hoya fight?

Mohammed Ali is the greatest. The greatest boxer and the great human being.

I Guess Everyone Has Heard?

NO Question

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...Muhammad Ali...a better fighter, a better human.

How should your road work be for boxing a 4 round fight?

Tyson,no doubt,hr was faster,more power,mare skilled,better stamina,and by the way Ali himself said if their ever fought in their primes Tyson would win

All out no-holds barred fight between these people in their prime. Who do you think will win?

Muhammad Ali.
He's fought better fighters.
He didn't fought as many bums as Tyson.
3 times heavyweight champion.
Greatest of all time.
Olympic gold medallist.
Bigger heart than Tyson.
Stronger chin.
Floats like a butterfly. Stings like a bee.

What is muhammad ali's illness?

Muhammed Ali ! Now dont ask silly questions like Who is more powerful A Tiger or A Cat? the next time. O.K

BOXERS...Some good workouts??

Ali. By a huge margin. Not even in the same class.

DAC - If I read your answer 20+ years ago I'd be asking you to keep on rolling those big fat joints, because I need to be smoking what you're smoking.

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ali is the greatest and best overall hands down. they arguement is if they fought in their prime who would win. i think it would be a series of three fights and ali would win 2 out of 3 however. tyson would win the first just because he has probably the greatest right hand of all time. tyson would catch ali unexpectedly and drop him with in the first three or four rounds. tyson may not be taller than ali, but he is shorter heavier and more compact. he generates a lot more power from a smaller base and his punching power is explosive. the second fight ali would win. if you ever seen the fight with george foreman where he used the rope a dope technique i think it would work agaisnt tyson. tyson never had many fights go the ful distance. so he would let mike punch himself out for 12 rounds and then ali would use all of the energy he conserved and win with a later knockout over Tyson. The third fight ali would win because he would come out stronger and just annoy and aggrevate him in the fight like holyfied did and then tyson would try to bite ali and get disqualified for it.

Who will win in the Blaze of glory fight Manny Pacquiao or Jorge Solis?

Ali - Who in there right mind would think Tyson was equal to Ali? Only if you before after 1980.

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Overall-I would say Tyson. Ali had the mouth that carried him a long way. He would get in people's heads and it was finished. Take a look at Patterson for instance. Ali also had a mean jab, but not that great of a jaw. All it would take is Tyson to storm in and nail that jaw with an uppercut. Finished, by the fourth. I am assuming Tyson is in his prime.

Who is going to win De La Hoya or Maywether?

Ali of course! Tyson never beat any great fighters

Is Rocky Balboa really the greatest boxer of all time ?

Tyson in his prime could beat anyone (iclusing Ali). However, Ali has a more consistent career record.

Who could beat Mike Tyson in his prime?

m ali becose i love layla ali

Whats is your all time boxing fight?

no doubt tat s ALI

Does anyone no about boxing leagues and how to join one?

the greatest boxer of all time is Sugar Ray Robinson. Ali even said that. He IS the only complete fighter. Ali wasn't even liked much in his career, many thought he went overboard sometimes. He was genius in the ring and he got that from imitating sugar ray. Tyson... thats apples and oranges. Tyson would and wasn't anything without Cuss. enough said.

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