Alexis Arguello vs. Salvador Sanchez?

Fight is at Featherweight. 15 rounds. In their prime.


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Just for the record...Sal Sanchez died before reaching his prime could have been an epic match .I really think Sanchez would have won just by boxing doubt Arguello was a better puncher but not a better boxer

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Arguello. Pure speed.

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Two of the most Technically sound fighters:

I love Salvador Sanchez but Arguello has and advantage in power while Sanchez relies more in his Excellent Technical skills.

I would Pick Arguello ny SD15.

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arguello was frustrated and outboxed by slick fighters, arguello was in his prime at junior lightweight, at 126 sanchez wins a decision with arguello at 130 and sanchez moving up then arguello by 13 th rd ko.

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Wow what a fight this could have been. I almost hate to answer this as they are two of my all time favorite fighters. Arguello has the edge probably in power with Sanchez having the faster hands. This could go either way but I'm picking Sanchez to win by split decision over Arguello.

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Rerun by you

Arguello - W 87 (KO's 65) TF 90 - W pct 91% - KO pct 72% - wins over Castillo, Olivares, Escalera, Mancini, Watt, Boza-Edwards, Limon and Chacon - KO'ed by Pryor{2} - #20 ranked puncher - #20 ranked fighter

Sanchez - W 44 ( KO's 32) TF 46 - W pct 96% - KO pct 70% - wins over Lopez, Castillo, Gomez, Nelson and La Porte - KO'ed by none - #88 ranked puncher - #24 ranked fighter (too high)

Both men are great fighters, Arguello is a better puncher. Sanchez was never KO'ed and Arguello only once. Arguello is a master enough ring general to hammer out a close split 15 rd decision.

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