Ali or tyson?

who would win if they where both in there prime


What is Model Boxing?

I think Tyson would win, Ali was just a dancer and Tyson pure speed and muscle

Why was Paulie Malignaggi so active tonight?

Muhammad Ali hands down

What will be the best heavyweight fight of the year?



Pacquiao versus larios... who's your bet?!?

Ali. That guys was a freaking unstoppable beast!

Ricky 'The Hit Man' Hatton.. his last fight...?


Why do people hate the current heavyweights?

I definitely have to go with Ali on that one...

Which tests are used to assess a boxer's physical fitness?

it depends if u puta muzzle on tyson than ali but if not then tyson

Where can I find boxing equipment in Durham Region - Ontario?


all the way. tyson was a bad man, but ali would have murdered tyson. literally. ask george foreman.

great question though

"Ebony Magazine"Muhammad Ali's home was robbed at a victory party I would like more info please?

Ali TKO round 12.

The bigger waste of talent Mike Tyson or Tony Ayala Jr. ?

its the greatest of all time

What do you do to counter/get around a stiff, quick jab?

of course

muhammed ali

Can someone tell me who won the james toney- peter fight as soon as it over. and how they won?

Ali would win.

Why are boxing RINGS square?

Ali, because he had an incredible amount of heart and a great chin. Not to mention increible hand speed (though Tyson was pretty fast) and superb reflexes. To Magdalena, dismissing Ali as just a dancer is diminishing his skill at it. If you read Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times, he sparred with Ingemar Johannson, which took place when Ali was at something like four professional fights, he completely beat Johannson, which was training for a rematch against Floyd Patterson at the time. Sonny Liston was also quoted in the book (two years after the fight, in case you're wondering when the interview was conducted) as was his trainer, and they both said Ali was very hard to hit and could punch well. Tyson was a strong, fast boxer, but he lost against the other strong opponents that he fought. We never saw him at his full potential, so he may have had a chance in his prime.

What was the name of the German Boxer that Roy Jones refused to fight back in the early 2000's?

At his prime, Ali. He would have had too many defensive skills and too much speed for Tyson.

The one thing to remember though is the weights: even though smaller, Tyson would have probably have been heavier than Ali. Heavyweights of Ali's era weighed similar to today's Cruiserweights.

What is a good training programme for a beginner boxer?

I think it'd be closer than people think, but I'd say Ali would go rope-a-dope on Tyson and put him down in the 13th round.

Who would win fight between a T-Rex and a chicken?

for me ali wins, tyson will loose because he's easily annoyed when someone is clowning on the ring, and that's one trait from the greatest...

Where is the best place (in the UK) to be a cheap, freestanding Punchbag?

Neither, Marciano would KO both in his prime..

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