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Who LOVES womens boxing??

Ali never did square off against Rocky Marciano.

Who will win oscar de la hoya or floyd mayweather and why? and why does mayweather want to retire so soon?

Never happened.

Which exercise makes you loose weight faster-aerobics or boxercise?

It didn't happen.

Miguel Cotto WBA Welterweight Champion...?

Don't think so... wait...


De la hoya vs. mayweather?

Smitty, When Ali was exiled from boxing he needed $$$. In 1969 Ali and the Rock agreed to film a "staged" fight. It was even theatrically released and watched in movie theaters. In the U.S. version Rocco knocks Ali out late in the fight. In the overseas version Ali beats the Rock by TKO on cuts or a decision. Before filming started Rocco had to lose close to 30 - 40 lbs. and wear a toupee` to look younger. Ali did say that Rocco could bang, as Marciano hit him a couple of times hard to the ribs. The folks filming the "fight" said they thought Marciano was trying his hardest and Ali was playing around. This is documented and I will list my source. Thanks for the question Smitty!

addition - Rocco and Ali had great respect for each other.

You can do a search on line and buy the digitally remastered version of the 1969 film. It is available on DVD. Or you can go to and purchase it there. The owner of the website gives info on the "fight" stating that Murray Worner filmed a computer orchestrated bout between the two. It was released in theaters on 1/20/70. Rocco died in a plane crash before the film was released.

Has any boxer, apart from ali, ever used the rope a dope technique?

there you have it.

Anybody know if professional boxers get HIV tested?

Smitty ~
Brents right. The computer fight is the only fight EVER to be considered between these two.
Thanks for the question Brother.

Sean O'Grady vs Ricky Hatton, if they met somewhere in between their best weights?

Hey Smitty this is another good question sir. Of course they never fought as Ali and Marciano fought in different eras. Brent is correct in his answer as they had a staged computerized fight and did box in a theatrical manner in 1969. The two men developed a friendship and respect for one another during the filming. Marciano was about 45 years old and had to lose 30-40 lbs and Ali was about a year away from his return to the ring after being in exile from boxing for several years.

Where can i buy handwraps for boxing? (punchingbags)?

To the best of my knowledge they were of two different era's and no such contract ever existed.

Anyone see the hanshaw-mendy fight?


No, in a computer simulated fight perhaps. Not in real life. they were from two different generations. Rocky had retired and Ali was just a kid making his way up the ranks as an amateur light heavyweight.

But a dream fight of both men in there prime would be a good one.

Muhammad ali?

Even though the computer fight was simulated/ acted out, according to Dr Ferdie Pcheco, an in shape Marciano kept landing hard bodyshots, as if trying to goad an out of shape Ali into a real fight. Ali was supposed to have said something to the effect of: "If you don't stop hitting me, I might have to open up your nose with my real jab." This was averted by Chris and Angelo Dundee, who stopped filming inorder to give Ali time to calm down.

Also, there were several different endings to the computer fight. If the fight was showed in Italy or the southern states, Rocky would win by KO. If it it was showed in Africa, Ali would win by KO, and when the fight was shown in Britain, Rocky would lose on cuts.

On a tangent: Now, we have the Fight Night games (particularly Round 2 and 3) whereby you can put two boxers in and see what happens. I made a computer fight between Ali and Frazier, and put the setting on hard, which is fun to watch as the boxers just trade bombs, rather than just tickling each other with jabs (when the setting is on easy). I think Ali took Frazier out in about 8 rounds, after setting Frazier up with his signature shot. Another time, I had LW Floyd Mayweather Jr and MW Winky in a Hard Hits bout on easy, and they just spent about 50 minutes trading jabs and short hooks.

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