After all the hype surrounding which contact sport was more superior, UFC or Boxing, who holds more value now?

Mayweather recently talked about how boxing was still far more superior than the full-contact sport of the UFC. Do you believe that this is true and do you believe that he would fair well against a UFC champion in his weight division? Now that would be a pay-per-view worth watching!


Does anyone know what bar has the Mayweather Delahoya fight in Twin Cities?

At the moment it's still boxing. There is nothing light the night of a title fight in Vegas, having been to a few myself. I also went to the UFC 69 event in Houston and there crowd was great.

I'm tired of the UFC President talking about boxing and pay per view. Every major UFC fight is on pay per view! The free fight cards Dana White puts on Spike TV are pathetic. When was the last time you saw a UFC Champion defend his title on Spike? The answer is NEVER. HBO and Showtime still air great title fights for free.

Why do most aired boxing matches fail to show the ring card..?

Mayweather would not survive in a ufc match. Ufc combines more skills than just boxing. however, a ufc champion would get killed against mayweather in the rules of a boxing match.

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I like boxing, but I thought that pay per view was boring. Mayweather was running away the whole time, and he's talking trash. The fight was overhyped. I'm sticking to MMA. NOw that the UFC has the best fighters in the world, its gonna get better.

Does anyone disagree with the decision of the mayweather -de la hoya fight? i thought de la hoya should have w

mma all the way boxing has gotten full of ego bloated trash talkers that do more running and jabbing every once in awhile then banging it out with a great opponent. i will never ever again pay for any fight that involves floyd mayweather if oscar hadn't initiated all the action it would have been 3 hours of 2 guys standing around. floyd "runs like a chick" mayweather is killing boxing. i would watch cotto though that guys is a beast.

Boxing. Good or bad?

The competition between MMA and boxing could be good for both. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. People with good boxing skills in MMA can get a quick KO win because there's no 10-count and the gloves are 3-4oz not to mention ground and pound. However, he could get taken down or get hit in the shins. Anything could happen.

Dana might just put it out for free on Spike though :D

As far as ego bloated trash talkers.every sport has them at every level.

Win or lose, if Mayweather takes a fight with Sherk, he won't lose any respect.

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