1990-1993 Chris Eubank vs 2001 Bernard Hopkins, What do You think ?

Eubanks baffled opponents with his peculiar manner & unothodox style, while Hops is the master technician. I see Hops looking weary & confused early on but soon getting to grips with Eubanks in the middle rounds and from there dominating. Eubanks was extremely economical, relying on his side to side foot movements and defensive moves (like a kind of upright multiple weave, or a full body sway retreat, or turning his back and spinning off the ropes, or cupping his gloves around his head & face, etc) alot & his (albeit few) step jabs & bodyshots to slow an opponent down. Hops himself was quite economical, but the lead right hand imo would begin to land home on Eubanks when Hops gets to grips with him & finds his range, when Eubanks gets annoyed he'll lead & every time he does Hops counters or rolls & counters, Eubanks looked very unsteady & long leading off & Hops is wise enough to side step, let him fall off balance & counter if Eubanks gets off quick enough with his cumbersome stuff...


So who do u think will win?

Hopkins was too smart for Euanks. Hopkins also has the edge in power, defense, and chin. I don't think Eubanks has an edge on Hopkins in any aspet. If he does, it would be slim.
The first half of the fight would be pure boxing. I see limited exchanges and mostly defense. I think Hopkins will be behind on the scorecards. Heading into the second stanza, I think Hopkins will actually drop Eubanks with a clean counter right. I think Hopkins will win a slim but unanimous decision.

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Eubank without a doubt! his sheer guts would get him through... I'll add Nigel Benn (on a good night) into the mix!

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Eubanks made a name for himself in England, but never hit the big time in the U.S. Hopkins dominated for so long it is hard to see any modern middleweight giving Bernard any serious competition, but Eubanks had the skill to make a fight of it. In the end Hopkins is going to be ranked among the very top of the all time elite. Eubanks falls just short.

Hopkins by decision.

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Eubanks lost to Calzaghe twice right?

This would be Hopkins' fight to lose.

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"Hopkins was too smart for Euanks. Hopkins also has the edge in power, defense, and chin." Oh come on, Eubank was probably the most intelligent guy to ever box and probably had the best chin ever - these are his famous traits. He also paralysed an opponent with one punch, ofcourse (infamously). I'd go for Hopkins to outhussle Eubank, you simply cannot beat Eubank in a staring contest, allow him to dictate the pace and he's got you, this guy hypnotised opponents the way he'd hover around, changing direction, almost in slow motion, then striking at the right time. Or he'd stay just out of range (often like a statue), reach (/land) from out of range and sway back out of range (making you fall short). You had to pressure him and expose his lack of workrate and stamina, it was the only way. Man, Eubank just had such an awkward style.

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Bernard Hopkins would most probably beat Eubank on pionts in a close and untidy fight. I cant see Eubank being knocked down by Hopkins though, let alone be Knocked out but him. His chin was pure granite if you ever get to watch his fights with Carl Thompson watch the shots he takes and that was at cruiserweight well above his natural weight class.

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