"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler vs Roy Jones Jr. (Middleweight Division), Who wins?

Hagler has a chin made out of granite, coupled with a relentless body attack and a warrior's heart. Jones posesses knockout power, athletisicm, and an obvious speed advantage. 15 rounds.


Whos the peoples money on JOE CALZAGE or contenders PETER MENFREDO JR? will this be a mismatch?

Jones - W 50 (KO's 38) TF 54 - W Pct 93% - KO pct 70% - wins over Hopkins, Toney, McCallum and V. Hill - KO'ed by Tarver and G. Johnson (average fighter) - #89 ranked puncher - #44 ranked fighter
Great defensive skills, unparalleled speed (all this hid a weak chin)
Won 1988 Olympic Silver medal at Light Middle wt
Held titles at 160, 168, 175 and Hwy wt

Hagler - W 62 (KO's 51) TF 67 - W pct 93% - KO pct 76% - wins over Hamsho{2}, Mugabi, Briscoe, Seales, Duran, Hearns and Minter - KO'ed by none - #35 ranked puncher - #17 ranked fighter

The only chance Jones has is to have larger gloves, larger ring, a 12 rd bout, Don King as promoter and Richard Steele as referee.

KO by Hagler inside of 10 rds.

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Don Kings bank account

Where did Ronald Wright get his nick name? Does having a nick name like that hurt his marketability?


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i believe hagler would hunt him down and hurt jones even in jones' prime

Boxing's corrupt? What about sports1234.com boxing site?

The Marvelous One.

The Contender Question?

Hagler in 13.

Who would win balboa or tyson?

Hagler, Jones is going to be out of it after having to make the weight

Hasim Rahman vs Buster Douglas who wins?

I think Marvin would had won, besides all your points, that are very accurate, i thin the fact that Marvin was left, would had been very important

Is it just me, or does it seem like Larry Merchant is always drunk?

Hagler of course.

The big fight is only 3 weeks away!?

Good question... This reminds me of the Tommie Hearns Marvellous Marvin Hagler fight, three rounds of boxing heaven. Roy is a puncher boxer not as elusive as Sugar Ray Leonard, he would get hit and would hit. The fight goes to 10 rounds and Hagler catches him and it's over a la John Mugabe

How do i hang a boxing bag in the basement??

Simply "Marvelous ", Haglers ' heart vs. Jones' heart . Think about it .......

Fight of the two Sugars!!!?

If both boxers were in their prime condition, Hagler would win. Jones does not have enough power to bother Hagler, but he can run faster. Same as Sugar Ray Leonard. Hagler won the fight, but it was given to Leonard to set up another fight. Hagler got very upset, and retired. Hagler was one of , if not the best middle weight ever, that's including Bernard Hopkins and Carlos Monzon. Hagler would set up Jones with body shots to slow him down, then nail him. Look at the people Hagler fought. Vito Antifurmo, Alan Minter. These were some tough guys. Not flashy and a runner like Jones and Leonard. I always said, if you want to fight, fight. If you want to dance and run and act like a goof ball in the ring, Join a circus. There is always room for more clowns.

Vitali Klitschko vs. Samuel Peter?

HAGLER WIN'S, He is from the City of Champion's with Marciano, Jones is good but I think Hagler would take him...

Klitschko vs valuev ? will it ever happen ? who would win then ?

Long John Siver the referee.

Who thinks that Tom Zbikowski is better off in boxing or football?

marvin hagled is more skilled in my opinion

Tommy Loughran vs Maxie Rosenbloom. Who wins?

assuming roy could make 160, hagler in his prime would have dished out a beating & sent this big mouthed no-chin home to his mama inside 7 rounds

Who agrees with me that Ricky Hatton.?

Hagler Punks RJJ the fight, roughing him up.probably wins UD

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