Did Anyone Have Problems Ordering or Viewing the Delahoya-Mayweather fight?

Question:I administrate a boxing forum,

Several of our users specifically in the New York area said that they had problems ordering and in some cases viewing the Mayweather-Delahoya fight. For those who ordered, did you order through your box, or by phone, and how was the ordering process for you? Some also said they had a picture blackout after the 3rd round and the transmission was not restored until round 10. If you had problems, did you get a service credit?




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Up here in Albany, NY we missed rounds 5-9, which was upsetting. Ordered through the box but we got a full refund (thank goodness!!)

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No, I got mine Illegally

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yea i ordered it on comcast by phone but all i got was a busy signal and i didnt even get a picture after i ordered it

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The only problem I had with the fight was the PRICE :o) It was $54.95 to order it on pay-per view, so I decided to wait and watch it today on Youtube.

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