Any suggestions on beginning boxing workouts?

I'm trying to get into the sport of boxing. I have a heavy bag (which I need to hang back up), 12 oz. gloves, bag gloves, hand wraps, and a jump rope. I'm just looking for an approach. Right now all I do is jump rope and run in the mornings for a mile.


I live in Austin and want to become a boxer, but i dont know how to start ..?

you are doing right with the running but run with the 12 oz gloves on and keep them high as you run-develops your arms -also find a trainer because you can't see your own mistakes by yourself and once you start a bad habit it will be hard to overcome-good luck

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Why not try that kick boxing work-out tape that one guy made and they advertise on TV. I can't remember his name, but I've seen it at Walmarts. That'll give you a bit more of the boxing styles??, Right?
Just trying to help.

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The best thing for you to do is to join a boxing gym. I cannot stress that enough. But if you're like me and can't do that right now then you're training depends on the kind of fighter you want to become. If you want to be fast, train fast. If you want to be strong, train strong. YOU ARE WHAT YOU TRAIN. I know it sounds like a simple concept but many people tend to ignore this.

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Go to your nearest boxing gym and get a trainer!

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